Computer science: Study the discipline of the future at one of these US universities 

Computer Science
Source: Louisiana State University

What do tech giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and Amazon have in common? They each have long lists of computer science employees that are thriving thanks to their expertise. While their offices are packed with these professionals, today’s demand shows there’s plenty of room for more –– and not just within the tech sector.

​​​​Other booming areas such as healthcare, finance, communications, business, and more are just as interested in computer science professionals. The best part? They are all willing to pay a large sum for them.

The US Bureau of Labour Statistics reports that the median annual wage for these professionals is a whopping US$91,250. Little wonder why the Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Survey reports that 72% of North American IT professionals are satisfied with their jobs.

To become one, aspirants need training. While free courses might help them get a foot the door, a slow climb to the top proves one fact: the value of a master’s degree or graduate-level certificate cannot be understated. LaborInsight reported that nearly four in 10 computer science job listings request that candidates have master’s degrees. So what are you waiting for? Cut the queue to computer science success by considering one of these universities in the US:

 Louisiana State University

Established in 1860, Louisiana State University (LSU) has a long, illustrious history of academic excellence laced with the Southern charm Baton Rouge is known for. It is also one of the most progressive universities in the US –– making it the ultimate bootcamp for future-focused, tech-driven careers.

computer science

Source: Louisiana State University

At its Division of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), a suite of world-class doctoral, master’s and certificate programmes are delivered by experts to produce experts. This faculty lineup is updated regularly to ensure teachings remain relevant. Its newest members are advanced in cloud computing, big data, and blockchain, amongst others.

The brand new Online Graduate Certificate in Cloud Computing and Machine Learning covers all the above and more. It was designed to teach the knowledge and technical skills today’s employers want, such as cloud infrastructure, blockchain applications, and project management. Its flexible format enables upskillers to gain these competencies in just under a year, from anywhere in the world.

For a more versatile option, opt for the Master’s in Computer Science (MCSC), the division’s broadest programme, covering core topics of theory, algorithms, operating systems, programming languages, networks, graphics, databases and analytics, as well as software development. Students could also specialise in computational science or systems science.

Many use this master’s degree as a pathway to a PhD. The rest enter the workplace ready to apply their newfound skills. It’s hard not to feel prepared after graduating from a university equipped with the very best computing and storage nodes. In these spaces, students have everything they need to innovate the next big thing. To learn more, explore CSE here. Ready to apply? Click here.

Seattle University

By joining Seattle University’s Computer Science department, students enter a community that focuses on bettering humanity above all else. Here, not only are a new generation of computer scientists and software engineers learning to hone key technical know-how, they are gaining strong leadership and communication skills that can improve organisations.

computer science

Every student in this Computer Science department enjoys a dynamic learning environment. Source: Seattle University Facebook

To lay a solid foundation, its Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) programme is based on theoretical foundations and practical applications. It includes advanced courses in core computer science areas and flexible electives that line up with aspirations. Students with specific plans in mind can opt for a pre-built specialisation instead of the General Option.

Worried about not having an undergraduate background in computer science? Do not fret. The department also offers a Certificate in Computer Science Fundamentals. This option is especially ideal for professionals keen on a career switch –– no programming experience required.

Courses are primarily conducted in the evenings to accommodate existing responsibilities. It is also an ideal bridge to the MSCS, which most students continue directly into.

Regardless of routes, every student in the Computer Science department enjoys a dynamic learning environment with small classes, a state-of-the-art curriculum, mentorship, as well as personalised and attentive instruction.

Southern Utah University

computer science

Experiential training ensures students will be able to develop a sound understanding of fundamentals, specialised theories, practices, and ethics. Source: Southern Utah University Facebook

Southern Utah University’s Department of Computer Science and Information Systems provides a high-quality undergraduate and graduate education to its enrollees through certificate, associate, baccalaureate, and master degree programmes.

Each aims to enable students, faculty, and staff to achieve their goals. Learners prepare to be competitive for careers in government, industry, secondary education, and acceptance to more advanced qualifications.

All curricula are as informative as they are rich with opportunities. Experiential training ensures students will be able to develop a sound understanding of fundamentals, specialised theories, practices, and ethics that will enhance their learning experience.

For aspiring graduate students, the department offers a 33-credit Master of Science in Cyber Security and Information Assurance –– a degree taught entirely online. International students keen on being mentored also have the option to pursue the qualification onsite. Those without a cybersecurity-related background are required to take an additional three-credit foundation course.

This programme focuses on providing learners with the knowledge they will need to digitally protect organisations and their consumers. It offers a state-of-the-art education into the world of design, planning, and management of cyber systems; as well as the most effective procedures for protecting cyber systems and infrastructure from external threats –– including terrorism.


Virginia Tech

computer science

The Department of Computer Science is the best place for tech enthusiasts vying for wide-ranging careers. Source: Virginia Tech Facebook

As an incubator for teaching and conducting leading-edge technology-focused research, Virginia Tech’s Department of Computer Science is the best place for tech enthusiasts vying for wide-ranging careers. From exploring human-computer interaction for more efficient and secure computing systems to understanding computational biology and drug discovery to bringing life-saving drugs to the market quicker –– an education here is just as impactful as it is rigorous.

For aspiring graduate degree holders, the department offers a master of science degree, a master of engineering degree, and a doctoral degree in computer science. If additional requirements are met, these qualifications can be complemented with a bioinformatics option. Certificates in data analytics, urban computing, and human-computer interaction are also up for grabs.

The Master of Engineering is especially ideal for professionals eager to climb the ladder. It can be completed in as little as three semesters full-time. Those with existing responsibilities could opt for the part-time route instead.

Both routes offer in-depth knowledge about software development, communications skills, and ethical issues related to computing technology. Of course, there’s plenty of room to specialise in software development and applications, data analytics, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, or computer security.

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