computer science
Coventry University

With a postgraduate degree in computer science, there’s no telling how many personal and professional achievements you’re set to unlock throughout your career.

Connected to countless career prospects in the domains of software architecture, systems development, information research and computer hardware engineering, computer scientists have risen to be highly influential masters in today’s tech-driven world.

Everywhere you turn, constant innovations are being churned out of the minds of computer scientists, and revelations are surging from proactive research efforts into computing and engineering.

For instance, it was recently revealed by TechHQ that accessible quantum computing is just around the corner. Stewart Allen, COO of quantum computing startup IonQ, said a world where businesses have access to infinitely more powerful machines could be just years away.

“In the next 12 months, it will be select groups [with access to quantum computers],” Allen told TechHQ. “12 months out from that, it will be ‘broad brush’, with everyone rushing out to train themselves– [access] will be across all industries.”

Just one of the thousands of updates occurring in the global computer science sphere, news this like this is inspiring undergraduates across the world to heighten their knowledge of computer science and back their potential with a career-readying Master’s degree.

While the computer and mathematical science workforce is currently made up of just 25 percent women in the US (with similar statistics seen worldwide), universities are increasingly making efforts towards diversity. The new generation of tech-natives entering higher education will be part of a new and progressive era in computer science.

Students can do well by selecting forward-facing schools that are aware of current issues and pushing for diversity. On how students can help bridge the gender gap in computer science, Microsoft’s former General Manager, Melinda Gates, advises to “form a network early”.

“You need to have a network of both men and women who will support you in life and they will soon become lifelong friends,” says Gates. That starts by finding a school with a balanced network of professors who are ready and willing to elevate your potential and take your computer science and engineering expertise to the next level.

computer science

Coventry University

A great computer science school is one that’s looking towards the future yet remains focused on present student progress, pairing that with a multifaceted Master’s programme built for all corners of computer science success.

Here are four career-readying schools that specialise in computer science and engineering… They are ready, in all respects, for a future, tech-driven society.


Problem-solving lies at the heart of computer science and the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics at Coventry University, making its postgraduate programmes some of the most exciting and forward-thinking experiences to pursue overseas.

As we know, computer science underpins almost all the science and technology we rely on in the modern world, responsible for some of the most powerful problem-solving strategies known to mankind – the internet, smart devices, artificial intelligence, robots and much more.

So, if you’re interested in working in this rapidly developing field, the Computer Science MSci/BSc (Hons) programme at Coventry could enable you to progress from your undergraduate degree straight to a master’s level qualification, ready to enter the IT profession on graduation.

With a focus on practical applications in industry, commerce, research and everyday life, you’ll study a combination of theory and practice in traditional areas of computer science, including programming and algorithms, computer architecture, networking, system design and implementation.

You’ll also examine some of the new and exciting areas of development in this ever-changing field, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science techniques, mobile app development and cryptography in software security.

Alternatively, if you want to help in the fight against cyber crime, you can opt for Coventry’s Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity MSci/BSc (Hons) programme. In this professionally accredited course, you’ll have the opportunity to identify and analyse threats posed to modern information structures, developing the knowledge and skills needed to advise companies on how to set up secure systems.

Pairing your selected postgraduate degree with this school’s activity-led learning approach – which features simulation of real-world problems and technical collaborative projects, supported by experts from industry and research – studying computer science with Coventry enables you to crack the code to future success.


Finland and Tampere have been pioneers in IT education since the dawn of the information age, producing talented graduates who are well-prepared for their chosen career in industry, the public sector or academia.

computer science

Tampere University

At the Tampere Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences, there are four units to discover: Computing Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Communication Sciences and Languages.

With the potential to generate knowledge and solutions to the complex challenges of a global, digital and multicultural society, Tampere takes student talent to new heights with multidisciplinary computer science courses and research-intensive initiatives.

Here, the computing sciences unit is a multidisciplinary hub for research, teaching and learning across a wide range of topics in ICT, and studies embrace both basic and applied research. The communication sciences unit conducts research that delves into the increasingly digital media landscape and the role of communication technologies.

Master’s degrees include the MSc Computational Big Data Analytics, the MSc Comparative Social Policy and Welfare and the MSc Digital Literacy Education. There are plenty of programmes to choose from.

Responding to strategically selected global and local challenges through multi- and transdisciplinary research, development and innovation activities, Tampere provides you with the tools and techniques to lead an effective computer science career.


Acknowledging that digital technologies permeate every mundane aspect of society, from phones to cars, from the internet to washing machines, the Department of Information and Computing Sciences develops novel methods for incorporating information technologies into today’s world.

Encouraging students to extend their computer science strategies to a postgraduate level, the Computing Science MSc allows learners to explore theories and techniques in computing science and software design, also participating in the research done to advance the field.

Within the programme, you can select one of four tracks, including Programming Technology, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Advanced Planning and Decision Making and Algorithmic Data Analysis.

You’ll learn to analyse and develop the concepts, design methods and techniques underlying all these steps. Plus, you’ll attain the advanced concepts, software design methods, problem-solving techniques, and analytic skills needed to create information-driven systems and applications.

Undertaking the next steps of your computer science ventures in Utrecht would mean opting for one of the best universities in the country.

Situated in the lively student city located in the heart of the Netherlands, the school is an ideal gateway to Europe and academic success.


Offering research-related programmes at both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology at Malmö University motivates students to progress in all areas of the discipline.

computer science

Malmö University

Social media, mobile applications, digital games, strategic management, artificial intelligence, information architecture and digital media are a handful of application areas that students and professors are interested in in this department.

A branch of the Malmö Faculty of Technology and Society, your course will be based on the new and exciting Niagara building at Universitetsholmen, just a stone’s throw from Malmö Central Station.

The one-year Computer Science Master’s programme teaches you about the technologies and concepts essential for the development of modern information systems, which are typically complex and include cooperative components.

And the faculty promises that computer science graduates will find many exciting opportunities await, such as the development of complex distributed systems for e-business, e-government, e-health, e-learning, supply chain management, mobile computing and more!

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