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Embark on a public policy journey with ANU Crawford School of Public Policy

It shouldn’t have to take a global crisis for citizens to realise the importance of public policy.

As the impact of policies is so deeply ingrained in everyday life, the world needs more professionals who can lead positive change in governments, think tanks, and aid organisations.

This is the bedrock of the postgraduate experience at the Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University (ANU). Since 2005, the School has done much to cement its position as the region’s leading graduate public policy school.

In the words of Crawford School Director Professor Helen Sullivan, “We have a window of opportunity for Australia to lead international reform in the public sector, as well as learn from those around the world who are striking the right balance between good policy and sustainable outcomes.”

The School builds on strong, deep links with public, private, and non-profit sectors alike to guide the next generation of change-makers from the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Through research and discourse, postgraduate students explore pressing issues concerning the environment, governance, economics, and security.

ANU experts regularly share valuable insights in the name of policy engagement. In this way, politicians, policymakers, and the public are very much part of the research environment “to test our findings, identify unanswered questions, and shape new programmes of work,” Professor Sullivan stated.

public policy

Source: ANU Crawford School of Public Policy

According to the 2020 QS World Universities Ranking, ANU Social Policy & Administration was ranked 13th in the world, and 1st in Australia; ANU Politics & International Studies was ranked 8th in the world, and 1st in Australia; and ANU Development Studies was ranked 13th globally and 1st in Australia, showcasing its strength in public policy research and education.

Crawford School’s reputation in the region stems from a solid history of insightful investigation and deep connection with communities. These allow for diverse, practice-led learning in new areas and modes of research, particularly for emerging challenges specific to country and region.

Master of Environmental Management and Development

Climate change. Water pollution. Sustainable agriculture. These issues are looming over the near future of our environment, and you can play your part in creating lasting change.

From policymakers to NGO leaders, the Master of Environmental Management and Development (MEMD) equips graduates with the knowledge and skills to devise policies that are economically, socially, and environmentally optimal.

Global development institutions, environmental agencies, non-government organisations, social enterprises, and private companies all require experts in this field to make sustainable decisions.

public policy

Source: ANU Crawford School of Public Policy

If your passion lies on this path, now is the right time to set the wheels of change in motion.

In Crawford School’s MEMD, you can participate in weekly coursework discussions, take part in role-play, and work on real-time cases.

Studying the programme on campus allows students to access critical resources in a rigorous academic environment. At the same time, students have the option to kick-start this reputable two-year programme from home if circumstances call for it.

Master of International and Development Economics

This postgraduate programme prepares sharp minds for fulfilling careers in national economic departments of governments and global institutions.

If economics is your strong suit, you will quickly pick up the analytical skills necessary to influence and coordinate economic policies for trade, finance, development and the environment.

Students can choose from one of five specialisations. Among them, Development Policy zeroes in on economics in politics, Economies of Asia and the Pacific gets you on track to develop and manage long-term policy and programmes, while International Trade and Finance shapes you into an expert on global money matters.

public policy

Source: ANU Crawford School of Public Policy

Master of Public Policy

Instructors for the Master of Public Policy (MPP) programme consist of leading international public policy researchers. Students are therefore privy to their expertise in policy reform and governance, on top of specialisations in social policy, energy, environment, food, health and biofuels.

Combining theory and practice, MPP students strengthen their public policy expertise to pave their way into governments, think tanks and not-for-profit organisations. Hone in on your passion with one of the many programme specialisations, be it environmental, indigenous, or defence policy.

You will gain insights into governing in an increasingly interconnected digital world. You will learn how to investigate and communicate matters relevant to policy. Most importantly, you will see how economics, law, sociology, and political science come together in the name of effective policy making.

As economies around the world face new complexities in the aftermath of the pandemic, skilled leaders will have to translate their insights into actionable plans. Thankfully, the Crawford School of Public Policy at ANU has a long history of not only enabling such leadership but empowering passionate citizens to step up to the mantle.

It could well be your time to answer this call; improve the future by upgrading yourself.

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