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EIT Digital Master School: Where tech graduates become innovators to watch

Over 128,000 startups. Tripling of AI startups in the past three years. US$23 billion investment in 2019, an increase of 360% over the last five years. These numbers and more make Europe the ideal destination for aspiring tech innovators who wish to make waves in the industry.

The entry ticket? The right qualification that not only prepares you for your future career but also the many disruptions the industry is known for. An EIT Digital Master School double degree fits this bill.

The EIT Digital Master School is an exclusive European network of leading technical universities. Together, they offer a truly European educational experience to the scores of talents that arrive on its campuses each year.

Students enrol at universities in two different countries, leading to two Master of Science degrees as well as the EIT-labelled certificate. EIT stands for European Institute of Innovation and Technology. The technical programmes are two-year long, which includes an introductory business challenge at the annual Kick-Off, a two-week summer school, and a work placement — all of which can take place in different locations across Europe.

“Going abroad to study was more enriching than I had anticipated. It taught me more than I could ever think of. Stepping out of your comfort zone, outside the social construct of the home country, gives you a new perspective on your life as you lived it so far while you encounter cultural differences,” says EIT Digital graduate Mats Mulder.

Students gain state-of-the-art technical knowledge and support to fast-track their innovation. Mentorship and support from Europe’s largest research organisations and leading business partners make all these possible.

The main focus of the school is entrepreneurship — integrating education, research and business to create opportunities for students to interact and collaborate with researchers, engineers, business developers and entrepreneurs. Its network of co-location centres — in Berlin, Eindhoven, Helsinki, London, Paris, Stockholm, Trento, Budapest, Madrid and even Silicon Valley — is a source of inspiration. After all, each and every one of them are bustling tech hubs in their own right, creating the perfect setting for those looking to build an international network.

EIT Digital Master School

Source: EIT Digital Master School

Europe’s most innovative programmes

Each of the eight EIT Digital Master School programmes lays a solid foundation in common technical competence during a student’s first year of studies. Once a specialisation is identified and selected in the second year, thesis work begins. This double degree is complemented by a Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship that will provide you with valuable knowledge on how to drive your innovations to the market.

For a career related to self-driving cars, robotics or artificial intelligence, the Autonomous Systems programme could be the choice for you. For those seeking to master network management; operation and design; deployment models; implementation strategies; and application design, the Cloud and Network Infrastructures programme might be a better fit.

Combat cyber crime with the Cyber Security programme; acquire in-depth technical skills in scalable data collection techniques and data analysis methods with the Data Science programme; or foresee new technology applications and profit by being the first to develop them with a master’s in Fintech. EIT Digital also offers the following programmes: Digital Manufacturing, Embedded Systems or Human Computer Interaction and Design.

“The EIT Digital Master School provides a wide network with different companies, different schools and even different students around the world,” shares Human Computer Interaction and Design student Hau-ben Benjamin Shih. “That is something you probably would not get if you attend other master’s schools. They don’t have that strong connection with the industry like we have at EIT Digital.”

Students like Shih are on the verge of big changes in society due to digital transformation and with the school’s help, they are set to be the ones to lead this transformation.

Cloud and Network Infrastructures students Sruthi Sree Kumar and Muhammad Haseeb Asif have developed a solution that significantly reduces the up- and down-scaling processing time for Apache Flink from hours to seconds. This saves companies a lot of money and reduces energy waste, making the computing industry more sustainable. It’s a feat recognised by the original creators of Apache Flink, who has invited them to present their solution at two global conferences: Flink-Forward organised by Ververica and BEAM Summit by Google.

Meanwhile, Data Science student Tim Brinkman is working towards making the construction sector more sustainable. Architects spend around 60 hours each time looking to find the right building materials – a process several times more tedious in their search for sustainable versions. “With our smart tool, they can easily find and compare sustainable-labelled building materials. Our platform could expand like an Amazon platform for building materials,” Brinkman shares.

Last September, the CLC-manager of the EIT Digital Node in Stockholm suggested Brinkman apply to the KTH incubator, where he was studying at that time. “This is the added value of EIT Digital: the network. Being part of the EIT Digital Master School gives you a network. I also recruited our new partner and EIT Digital Master School student Haseeb thanks to this network,” Brinkman says.

EIT Digital Master School

Source: EIT Digital Master School

At EIT Digital Master School, teaching the fundamentals on how to turn a passion for tech into lucrative business opportunities is the goal. “These skills are needed to build a strong digital Europe,” says Roberto Prieto, EIT Digital’s Chief Education Officer. “The industry needs people who understand new emerging technologies, and also know how to use these technologies in business.”

More importantly, it’s also encouraging these passions to be used for the greater good. After all, technology has a role — and a large one — to play in shaping our planet into one that is far more advanced and sustainable than it currently is. If your goal is to drive this evolution with tech, find out more about EIT Digital Master School here.

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