Eastern Institute of Technology: A hub for Art and Design
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Eastern Institute of Technology: A hub for Art and Design

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Enriched by that world famous ‘Kiwi Ingenuity’, New Zealand is a haven for all things offbeat and creative. It’s a region that has art seeping out of every settlement, where innovation and ingenuity flows like a whistle in the breeze. In fact, this nation is so full of visionaries and rife with wild imagination – where even the rugged natural landscapes sing with beauty and heart – that it has actually been recognised in a global creativity index that ranks economic growth and sustainable prosperity.

“You have this incredible gift of creating a lifestyle that the entire world envies,” says Savannah Peterson, Founder of Savvy Millennial, in an address at an event in Christchurch, “and they don’t realise it was a lot of innovation that drove your beautiful lifestyle. Wake up to that, own that, be proud of that,” she says.

“New Zealand needs a megaphone,” she adds. “…There’s really no excuse not to be spreading the good word about New Zealand innovation.”

It’s also undeniably an exciting time to get creative in New Zealand. Film production generated a record NZ$3.3 billion in 2016, highlighting the success of an industry that employs a notable 14,000 people. Developments in technology have also bolstered crucial sectors such as aviation, construction and civil engineering, with ground-breaking institutions like Rocket Lab revolutionising contemporary space travel, recently launching into space a rocket partly made of carbon fibre and propelled by engines made from a 3D printer. In fashion, various Kiwi fashion labels have been making waves outside the country, gaining popularity and prominence on the high-competitive global stage. Considering these factors, it’s clear that art and design in New Zealand is both powerful and diverse.

Around the world, ambitious and globally-minded creatives are becoming increasingly integral to an expansive range of industries. As innovative skillsets continue to evolve, so too does the nature of creativity itself, becoming more and more multidisciplinary as companies actively seek fresh graduates with an inspiring creative mindset.

The very notion of design defines the means by which we investigate, shape and of course invent – something that begins, and ultimately ends, with a thorough understanding of the links between each artistic discipline. As Edith Widder once said: “Exploration is the engine that drives innovation.”

And this principle resonates through every facet of the Ideaschool at the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT); a leading New Zealand tertiary institute of technology to prepare students for a thriving career in Visual Arts and Design, Fashion, Music or even Screen Production.

Through the unique provision of hands-on learning taught by experienced practitioners who exhibit, perform and publish throughout New Zealand and worldwide, plus student participation in recognised exhibitions, concerts and fashion shows, not to mention access to first-rate facilities – including personalised studio space for each aspiring creative; the Idea School is consistently producing the artistically-minded graduates who reinvent the future of innovation.

“I like the freedom that we have to explore our ideas and the resources that are available to help us achieve what we want,” says Anita Cecillo, an international student of Art and Design originally from Brazil.

“The course has a really good structure to ensure that we are best prepared for the ‘real-world’,” she adds. “In this course you learn while doing, so ideas do not stay in theory. I love the tranquillity of this place,” the student explains.

“It is very safe and people are friendly – I feel very welcome here. The staff are inspiring and have opened my eyes to many different types of design and artists,” Cecillo concludes. “It is great to have the opportunity to visit galleries all around New Zealand.”

EIT offers Postgraduate programmes in Professional Creative Practice. These programmes are linked to the renowned Maori arts and design school, Toihoukura. One high profile project that has come out of the school is the traditional Maori weaving panels that are displayed in the UN Headquarters based in New York. Encompassing forty-six newly-woven tukutuku panels, the tapestry will adorn the New Zealand Rimu Wall in the entrance of the General Assembly Hall, poignantly reflecting Aotearoa/New Zealand’s unique cultural heritage.

Whether you dream of becoming an artist or a  graphic design whizz, a specialised technician or a fashion entrepreneur, a respected art curator or a toe-tapping musician; the Ideaschool at EIT provides not just the guidance, but the inspiration you will need to build your creative career.

Offering a breadth and depth of study that urges students to think both creatively and critically, but to also serve professionally as they hone the knowledge and technical prowess needed to become a practicing artist, designer, musician, fashionista or film buff as you develop the expertise needed to shine in a rewarding, global and ever-growing career in creative arts.

“Situated in the Hawke’s Bay, which is regarded as a premier tourist and lifestyle destination, EIT is a great location to study,” says Chris Collins, Chief Executive of EIT. “…It also probably has the most attractive campus and supportive learning environment, which partly explains why it has been one of the fastest growing tertiary institutes in the country,” he adds.

“EIT Hawke’s Bay has been consistently rated by the New Zealand Ministry of Education as an outstanding tertiary education institution, describing it as an exemplar within New Zealand,” Collins concludes. “So whether you are a school leaver, international student, someone looking to up-skill or to extend your formal qualifications, you can have full confidence that in choosing to study at EIT you have chosen one of the outstanding tertiary education institutes in New Zealand.”

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