Hunt jobs or hunt eggs? Students, here’s your chance to work full-time over your Easter break

easter holidays 2023
International students can take advantage of the Easter holidays to expand their CVs and learn new skills. Source: Brandon Bell/Getty Images North America/Getty Images via AFP

“How to extra some extra cash during Easter holidays 2023?”

If you have been Googling this term, you are likely looking for a way to take advantage of this to earn some extra cash during the break. 

What’s more, there have been talks about increasing the working hour limit for international students to 30 hours a week or removing it entirely. 

While there’s always been a working hour cap during the semester, international students can work full-time during holiday breaks. That means working up to 40 hours a week. 

With the Easter holidays coming up, international students can take advantage of this to expand their CVs and learn new skills.

It’s best to apply a few months in advance. 

For the busy students, don’t worry — many businesses may still advertise roles closer to the time. 

Don’t know where to start? Most UK universities can help you look for a job, either on-campus or off-campus, over the holiday period. On the other hand, feel free to browse these websites

International students, here’s how you can productively spend your Easter holidays 2023:

1. Flower packer

Flowers have been a longstanding Easter tradition in Christian culture. 

Their fresh, vibrant colours and frequent new buds signify the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This means there are plenty of work opportunities as a flower packer over the Easter holidays in 2023. So why not help out at your local supermarket and fill up shelves with seasonal daffodils?

If you are 23 or above, you will earn 9.50 pounds an hour plus overtime at 11.88 pounds an hour.

Click here to look for jobs as a flower packer in the UK.

2. Hatchery operatives 

What are Easter holidays without eggs? Instead of painting eggs and hiding them, why not help hatch real-life eggs at Annyalla Chicks in Wrexham?

The role involves tasks including egg-loading and handling while observing codes of practice and bird welfare, as well as health and safety standards. 

Since training is provided, you do not need to have previous experience. 

You can earn up to 13.30 pounds an hour. 

Check out the hatchery’s vacancies here.

3. Seasonal work

easter holidays 2023

Chester Zoo hires seasonal jobs such as retail artists who do children’s face paintings. Source: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images North America/Getty Images via AFP

Easter holidays can get hectic, especially at retail stores or tourist attractions. That means places would be on the lookout for extra staff to cover this holiday period.

For example, Chester Zoo has a number of seasonal vacancies available such as Operations Assistants and Retail Artists who do face paintings.

You can always look out for temporary work at retail stores by directly inquiring at the store.

4. Customer service representative

As a student working as a customer service representative (CSR), you will work directly with customers to assist them in answering any inquiries and issues they may have.

A role in CSR will have flexible working hours, which is perfect for international students balancing studies and work.

The best part? You don’t need any qualifications to secure this job. Here, patience, a positive attitude and a smile go a long way.

The average pay per hour working part-time in customer service in the UK is 11.13 pounds.

5. Warehouse worker 

easter holidays 2023

As you can earn up to 15.84 pounds working as a warehouse worker, students are more likely for similar openings when they are searching for “part-time jobs during Easter Holidays 2023”. Source: Jade Gao/AFP

If you prefer physical work, you will find warehouse work both challenging and rewarding. 

This industry provides many opportunities for committed and self-motivated workers. 

You also have the chance to work with a diverse set of people who can stimulate you intellectually.

The UK government’s website does list warehouse worker jobs. Click here for more information.

You can earn up to 15.84 pounds, depending on the company and the job scope required.