UK increasing work hour limit? These are the 5 best jobs for international students to apply to

4 best part-time jobs in the UK for international students
The UK is considering increasing the working hour limit for international students. Source: Henry Nicholls/AFP

If you want to earn extra cash while at uni, now might be the perfect time to apply for the best part-time jobs for international students in the UK.

Recently, ministers and the UK government have been debating about potentially increasing the minimum hours international students are allowed to work. 

Currently, the 680,000 international students in the country are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week. Plans are being considered to increase this cap to 30 hours a week or remove it entirely. 

This discussion arose in the hopes of filling job vacancies and boosting the country’s economy.

Since Brexit and the pandemic, the UK has been facing worker shortages. According to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, “businesses are crying out for workers”. 

Canada and Australia took similar steps in the last year to deal with labour shortages and ensure economic growth. 

Prime minister Rishi Sunak is considering plans to allow foreign students at UK universities to work more hours as he searches for ways to increase the labour pool.

With talks of increasing the working hour limit for international students in the UK, this is the time to familiarise yourself with the best part-time jobs available. 

It is no secret that studying abroad comes with a hefty price tag. From tuition fees to living expenses, the bills are endless. To help cover these costs, international students can turn to part-time jobs. 

Aside from the monetary benefits, a part-time job can provide you with new skills, help you expand your social circle and give you real-life experience of the UK working environment.

With so many websites available, finding a part-time job in the UK that suits you is just at your fingertips. 

So as you anticipate the potential increase in working hours in the UK, here are four of the best part-time jobs to consider to enhance your study abroad experience. 

Four best part-time jobs in the UK for international students

part-time job

Customer service representatives work directly with customers to solve any issues they may have. Source: Mauricio Lima/AFP

Customer service representative 

If you have the gift of the gab, then a job in customer care could be the best fit for you. 

As a student working as a customer service representative (CSR), you will be working directly with customers to assist them in answering any inquiries and issues they may have.

A role in CSR is typically telephone-based with flexible working hours, which is perfect for international students balancing studies and work. 

The best part is that you don’t need any qualifications to secure a job in this line – except maybe patience, a positive attitude and a smile. 

The average pay per hour working part-time in customer service in the UK is 11.13 pounds

Private tutor 

With an average pay of 25 pounds an hour, private tutoring is one of the highest-paying part-time jobs in the UK for international students. 

Whether you are an aspiring teacher or just simply enjoy teaching others, consider taking up this part-time job for some extra cash. 

If you are an expert at a subject, language or musical instrument, you can choose to spend your free time sharing your knowledge and skills with others. Sites like UK Tutors, Tandem or Music Tutor are available for international students looking for part-time teaching jobs. 

Working hours are flexible — this means you can choose when you are able to work. 

part-time job

The best part-time jobs here let you walk dogs, make coffee and tutor others — and earn up to 25 pounds per hour.  Source: Sergei Supinsky/AFP

Dog walker

In the UK, it is estimated that there are over 13 million dogs kept as pets. So if you are a dog lover, try dog walking as a part-time job. 

Not only will you be earning extra cash, but you will also be able to spend time with these furry friends while getting some exercise in. 

Working as a part-time dog walker in the UK actually pays quite well at 12.50 pounds per hour.

And if you are able to handle more than one dog at a time, you will be earning better than most part-time jobs.  

There are a number of ways to score dog walking jobs in the UK. If you choose to advertise on your own, you can post flyers around the town that you are in or use websites like Dog Walking Now

Tailster and The Four Paws Agency are companies available for you to apply for jobs without the hassle of finding your own customers. 


If you love the smell of coffee, working as a barista is perfect for you. You’ll spend your days surrounded by the aromatic smell of what’s arguably everyone’s favourite morning beverage.

Finding a position is quite easy as many coffee shops choose to hire students as they have flexible schedules. 

Another park? Employee discounts so you’ll be able to enjoy a nice cup of joe while working. Part-time baristas in the UK earn around 9.97 pounds per hour.

Don’t worry about not having any experience, you can still work as a barista in the UK as long as you are a fast learner.