Trump Jr slams American colleges for teaching how to be a 'fascist'
Trump Jr says his father was criticised only because of an 'atmosphere of hatred' on the left. Source: Shutterstock

Donald Trump Jr. slammed universities and colleges in US during a speech last week in Alabama, blaming college professors for teaching students “how to become an actual fascist.”

Speaking at a benefit dinner for Faulkner University, a private Christian university, US President Donald Trump’s eldest son said that statements such as “we need borders” or “our founders were great people” had become hate speech on some college campuses.

“We’ll teach you how to pretend to be an anti-fascist and how to become an actual fascist,” Trump Jr. said Thursday.

He also used the occasion to reassert his support for his father’s response to racially driven violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a white supremacist killed a counter-protester, during which Trump Sr declared that “both sides” were to blame.

He said his father was criticised only because of an “atmosphere of hatred” on the left that he blamed on liberal university campuses and traditional media.

“He condemned … the white nationalists and the left-wingers,” Trump Jr said during the annual fundraising gala. “That should not have been controversial, but it was.”

According to the Guardian, Trump Jr, who was paid as Faulkner’s keynote speaker, went on to cite examples of violence on the left. He mentioned Antifa, far-left-leaning militant groups that call themselves anti-fascist, for outbursts in Berkeley, California. He alluded to the former Bernie Sanders supporter who shot at Republican congressmen gathering for baseball practice, nearly killing Republican Steve Scalise of Louisiana.

“He went out looking for Republicans to kill,” Trump Jr said, “and we’re supposed to forget that.”

He also turned his sights on college culture in the US that he says is teaching young Americans to “hate their country” and “hate their religion” while squelching conservative voices.

He also mocked some universities’ focus on diversity, singling out the concept of “safe spaces” for women, minorities and LGBT students.

General admission for the event was US$150, according to The Hill, and top-level sponsors were able to take a picture with Trump Jr. after the event.

Trump Jr.’s speech was part of a sold-out annual fundraiser for Faulkner University. He spoke for about 35 minutes and did not take questions from the audience afterwards.

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