Sorry Trump fan, it pays to be nice to your classmate
What's with the hatred, man? Source: Youtube/@LEX18 News

It really pays to be nice to your classmate (and everyone else, for that matter), as college student Tayler Ragg found out the hard way last week.

Ragg is now expelled from his college after he tried to get his undocumented classmate deported, The Tab reported.

The ex-Transylvania University student had screenshot one Paola Garcia’s Facebook page and posted it to the “10th Crusade Enthusiasts” Facebook group page over the summer with this message:

“Everyone go report this illegal at my school bragging about breaking the law.”

“Taylor Ragg is no longer enrolled at Transylvania University. Per University policy and federal laws, we cannot offer any further details into the matter,” school officials sent out an email to student and staff last Wednesday, as reported by LEX18 News.

The incident comes in the wake of the Trump administration’s announcement to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a programme that shields immigrants who came to the US illegally as children – known as “dreamers” – from deportation.

‘Emboldened’ racists

Garcia, the DACA recipient targeted, blamed Ragg’s social media campaign for the harassment campaign she received since then, including threats to report her to the authorities.

In a six-minute YouTube video published on Sept 10, Garcia said: “I’m scared… Racists are emboldened today, and he’s inciting them to harass me and report me”.

The senior student explained that she and her family had been applying for citizenship for 14 years. The Dreamer first arrived in the US when she was two.

She also read the comments posted on her Facebook, which said:

“Hope you enjoyed your visit. Back to them dirt floors of your homeland, stinky ass.”

“I can’t wait till your f*****g c**t ass is gone.”

“You and your n-word boyfriend need to leave.”

Garcia had posted the YouTube video to seek help after her university had initially refused to take action against Ragg as they did not think he had violated Transylvania’s non-discrimination policies, Raw Story reported.

After coming forward, she has received a stream of support and told Raw Story she feels “relatively safe right now.”

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