Does Harvard offer scholarships to international students?
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Just one word and you’re transported to one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

A private Ivy League research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this American institution is currently ranked third place in the QS World University Rankings 2019.

Yet, with high rankings comes a high set of academic standards along with a high price to pay for tuition, flights, accommodation and maintenance fees – unless, of course, you’re eligible for a scholarship.

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As Harvard explains, “International students receive exactly the same financial aid as Americans. In fact, approximately 70 percent of our students receive some form of aid, and more than 50 percent receive need–based scholarships and pay an average of $12,000 per year.”

So, in the name of convenience, we’ve listed the scholarship options Harvard offers international applicants, undergraduate and postgraduate, below:

International undergraduate scholarships for Harvard 

International students are eligible for the same amount of aid as US students and the application process is essentially the same.

Through ‘needs-based scholarships’, Harvard allows you to apply for financial aid or renew your financial aid each year.

As the institution states, “You will be asked to provide information about your family income and assets, outside awards, and unusual or changed financial circumstances. Once we have reviewed your information and determined your demonstrated need, you will be notified of your award for the coming year.”

But you also must adhere to their guiding principles:

– A lack of financial resources or need for financial aid are not impediments to your admission.

– The aid is entirely need-based, and grant eligibility is determined in the same manner for all admitted students.

– Foreign students have the same access to financial aid funding as US citizens.

– They will meet your demonstrated financial need for all four years, based on information they      receive from your family each year.

If this is all relevant to you, start your application form today!

Harvard International Postgraduate Scholarships 

For international students planning to study at Harvard graduate and professional schools, here’s the list of scholarships currently offered:

ARAB LEAGUE COUNTRIES The Harvard Arab Alumni Association Scholarship Fund
ARGENTINA The Francis and Peggy Cahn Fund for Argentina Students in GSAS Sciences, SEAS, HGSE, HSPH, HKS
Amalia Lacroze De Fortabat Fellowship Fund
AUSTRALIA Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship
Robert Gordon Menzies Scholarship
BELGIUM Frank Boas Scholarship Fund
BRAZIL Jorge Paulo Lemann Fellowships
CANADA Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship
Peter D.C. Thomas Scholarship Fund Students in GSD, GSAS, HGSE, HKS, HSDM, HSPH, or SEAS
Harvard University Associates in Canada Scholarship Fund
CHINA The Harvard-China Fellowship Fund for Students from China
The Guo Family Fellowship Fund for Students from China
Victor and William Fung Fellowships Students at SEAS, GSAS-RSEA, GSD, HGSE, HBS, HKS, or HSPH
COLOMBIA Scholarships for Colombian Students
CROATIA Zlatko and Joyce Balokovic Scholarship Fund
EGYPT Arab Republic of Egypt Public Service Fellowships Students in GSD, HGSE, HSPH, or HKS
FRANCE Arthur Sachs Scholarship
Anne Dias Griffin and Kenneth C. Griffin Harvard University Fellowships Students at HBS or HKS
Jean Gaillard Fellowship Fund Students from France at Harvard or MIT
Ecole Normale Superieure Exchange Students from Ecole Normale Superieure
Sciences-Po Exchange Students from Sciences-Po
GERMANY Charles W. Holtzer Fellowships
GREECE Hellenic Harvard Scholarship Fund
HONG KONG Hong Kong Jockey Club Graduate Scholarships
Victor and William Fung Fellowships Students at SEAS, GSAS-RSEA, GSD, GSE, HBS, HKS, or SPH
MEXICO Fundacion Mexico en Harvard Scholarships
The Dionisio Garza Medina Family Harvard University Graduate Fellowship for Mexico
The Henry Villalon OPM’99 and Rosalie Ramirez Magana Fellowship Fund
NEW ZEALAND Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship
PHILIPPINES The Ayala Scholarship Fund
The Eugenio Lopez Scholarship Fund
POLAND The Harvard Club of Poland Fellowship Fund
SPAIN Real Colegio Complutense Scholarships
UNITED KINGDOM Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship
Joseph Hodges Choate Fellowship Students from University of Cambridge
Harlech Scholarship Students from New College, Oxford
Michael Von Clemm Fellowship Students from Corpus Christi College

For further information about these scholarships, contact the university here and discuss your financial aid requirements.

Alternatively, you can visit the committee of general scholarships and explore what’s on offer.

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