Do you agree with these tips on the UK international student experience?

As an international student in the UK, you may have come across pages of advice about your study abroad adventure.

From the best cities to live abroad on a budget to what types of teabags to buy – student advice comes in all shapes and sizes.

Published by Unite Students, international student writer Raneem pens eight key tips that overseas applicants should consider when studying in the UK.

But do you agree with them all?

The first tip tells you to get ready for the weather. In the UK, the weather can certainly be unpredictable and as you may already know, temperatures can suddenly drop.

Raneem tells you to wrap up warm and bring plenty of weatherproof supplies to keep protected.

Wrap up with extra layers! Source: Victoria Heath/Unsplash

The fourth tip advises you to work while you study.

“If you’re short on money, getting a job is definitely something to consider. There are many jobs available for students that allow you to work hours that you choose, that fit around your studies. You can either look for a job on your own or ask your student union for help.”

But how easy is this to do while juggling course modules, social events and the transition from one country to another?

Before searching for a job on your own as Raneem advises, you must also check visa restrictions. If your student visa allows you to take on a part-time job while studying then go for it!

If not, be wary of student job offers and false promises as it may violate your visa requirements.

The eighth tip is all about homesickness.

“Moving into university from a different country is a big transition. It is completely normal to feel homesick at times, just remember you’re not the only one. Remember that your friends and family will be waiting for you back home during the holidays and reuniting with them is going to be the best feeling in the world.”

As Reema explains from personal experience, moving to the UK is a huge jump from familiarity and family environments.

Advising students to seek help and advice when struck by sudden bouts of loneliness and confusion reassures them that homesickness is normal, easing the minds of others who may be feeling the same way.

Loneliness during your UK study experience can be hard to overcome. Source: Andrew Neel/Unsplash

Reema explores other topics like public transport routes, student discount websites and student-friendly supermarkets, outlining the expectations of an academic transition to the UK.

But do you think she’s missed anything important and do you think that there are more than eight tips to suggest for new students in the UK?

Do you agree that tackling homesickness, the weather and part-time jobs are important issues to consider for the UK international student experience?

If so, share them with us and always share them with fellow international students as they may be looking for a helping hand, too!

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