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The simple gesture of taking some time out of your day to write a letter is likely to mean more than anything. Source: Shutterstock.

The modern world makes studying abroad even easier: you can speak back and forth with your family and friends anywhere in the world, anytime and at ease.

As technology evolves, more opportunity to connect arises and now with video chat, you can feel super close to your (not-so-literally-)-nearest and dearest.

With the ease of instant messaging, people seldom take the time write to each other anymore. Letter writing may seem archaic but few things beat the feeling of something thoughtfully put together from home sweet home.

Whether you’re missing the smell of your mother’s perfume, the flowers in the park around the corner, or the local cuisine of home, posting things to one another can really help ease the pangs of homesickness.

Here are a few little requests you can slip into your loved ones’ minds next time you chat…

1. Yummy food

While it is probably best your parents don’t try and post you a home-cooked roast dinner or steaming nasi lemak, there are plenty of foods which will make the overseas journey in one piece. If you find yourself craving a particular brand of chocolate or noodle you just can’t find in your new country, kindly ask a relative or friend to put together a little care package for you choc-a-block with all your favourite yummy treats.

The taste of that homely food will make your loved ones feel a little closer to you. Knowing these ingredients were bought from your old local shop by someone you love will hopefully make some of the homesickness subside.

2. Home comforts

Okay, okay, so food is definitely a massive home comfort too but we thought it deserved a whole section to itself because, well, food is great! But there are other home comforts that can be posted and will warm your heart.

Think of the things you are missing and see if they are small and sturdy enough to be posted. If not, think of the alternatives.

So your dad can’t pack your cat in a box and send her to you but he can send a photograph of the three of you, or a toy she likes to play with, or even a cat teddy to cuddle in her place.

Your sister cannot walk to the park with you to look at the flowers but she can take one which has fallen from its stem and press it between the pages of a book and post it to you. Sometimes you just might have to be a little creative.

Whatever it is you find yourself craving or missing, there will most likely be some way of getting it to you – however that may be.

3. A simple letter

Knowing your loved ones are thinking of you and took the time to sit and write to you is a wonderful feeling. Whether the letter is from a dear friend or scrawled in your grandmother’s familiar handwriting, getting something from your home is an exciting and warming feeling, helping you stay emotionally connected with those you left behind.

Handwriting causes you to slow down somewhat and really consider what you are saying. Letters tend to be much more thought-out, heartfelt and lengthy than a quick WhatsApp message, plus then you have the message there to go back to again and again when you need a little comfort.

Your family will be missing you too so while you dream of letters and packages for you, why not send them a little something to show them you care and maybe even encourage them to send something back?

Perhaps there is a delicious type of candy you want your best friend to try or a little trinket you found which your mother would love or maybe you just fancy filling your brother in on your life in a different way.

What are you waiting for? Stop reading and start writing!

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