Halloween party
Have a very Happy Halloween with these DIY ideas! Source: NeonBrand/Unsplash

It may be Halloween, but nothing is more scary than your student bank account when you’re living on a budget!

When you confront your bank account. Source: Giphy

But if you don’t want to miss out on the frightening festivities and feel like getting creative after your lectures, here are some incredible DIY Halloween party ideas you could use.

All it takes is a little imagination, a trusty glue stick and a lick of paint and your house decorations will be at the centre of all the campus gossip…

Colour-popping pumpkins

As you can see from above, Halloween doesn’t have to be dark, bleak and spooky.

By hand-painting pumpkins with a few cheap cans of paint, you could dramatically transform your living room into a vibrant party space. And with cute eyeball décor as displayed above, your house will be a hub of creative Halloween innovation!

Hello-ween wreaths

Welcome your guests with a Hello-ween wreath!

To make one on a budget, you can buy a plain wreath template from a discount store and smother it in spare materials you have laying around the house. There’s no restriction on your creativity with this design and you can make it as scary as you want.

Paper plates and popcorn

If you don’t have enough money to feed your fellow students, create a popcorn bar! Very cheap to buy, simply pop a few bags of kernel corn before the guests arrive and draw creepy faces with a black pen on white paper plates.

As you can see, this design is very effective and entertaining!

Cobweb covering


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If you buy black string or material that’s similar to a spiderweb, simply drape it over your house and it will start to look like a dusty Halloween grotto.

Of course, the dust may already be there if your student house isn’t so clean…

Fairy lights and spooky neon vibes


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Any spare neon lights hanging about from last years disco raves? To really save on costs, check on student forums and boot sale apps for outdated lights and spare neon bulbs.

As the saying goes, one person’s trash is another’s treasure…

If you loved those ideas, keep us updated with yours and share your DIY Halloween photos from the upcoming festivities!

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