Tips for a safe and spooky Halloween on campus
How are you celebrating Halloween on campus this year? Source: David Menidrey/Unsplash

Campus safety should, and always will be, a priority for universities.

As you can see from this interactive map, some European universities must be more cautious then others.

But what about the US?

According to the Niche 2019 Safest College Campuses in America rankings, every year, universities battle it out to be named among the most secure US higher education providers. By basing their rankings on student reviews and government data, the results tend to make an impact on degree applications.

After all, if a university isn’t looking out for its international students, how enjoyable will their study abroad experience truly be?

Halloween is for costumes and candy, not scary crime! Source: Giphy

One university that treats student safety as a top priority during the upcoming Halloween festivities is The University of North Alabama.

In a safety and preparation graphic featured in The Flor-Ala – the institution’s student newspaper – the University outlined helpful Halloween tips for students to follow:

– Don’t leave drinks unattended, regardless of whether they’re alcoholic or not.

– Use the buddy system.

– Don’t take drinks from someone else, unless you know them and trust them.

– Make sure you have a way to getting home safely.

-If wearing a costume, make sure it’s comfortable and easy to walk in.

Stay in groups and buddy up! Source: Giphy

Despite being an event full of fun and spooky shenanigans, Halloween has the potential to get a little bit crazy on campus. But as long as you take those tips above into consideration, you’ll have an incredible time!

Other universities have also taken the initiative to look out for student well-being on Halloween, posting their own tips for this year’s party-goers.

Here are a few:

All of us here at Study International wish you a very safe and happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all! Source: Giphy

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