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Mechanical engineering is known as the broadest engineering discipline, where its science is subtly woven into our everyday life. This explains why many mechanical engineers are valuable additions to a team in varied industries. They play major roles, including but by no means confined to automotive, aviation, computers and electronics, microelectromechanical systems, energy conversion, and environmental and biomedical fields.

Take Pakistan national Muhammad Aayan Malik for example. He is an aspiring engineer and a second-year mechanical engineering student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). Having dreamed of pursuing a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering since high school, Malik was immediately sold by what PolyU’s mechanical engineering programme could offer him: internship opportunities and real-world working exposure.

“I was always passionate about pursuing a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and was highly pleased to know that PolyU’s mechanical engineering is ranked among the top 100 in the world and provides many opportunities to nurture aspiring students.”

That’s not all. Malik also gravitated towards PolyU for its special focus on research, further compelling him to choose this Hong Kong university.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

PolyU’s courses follow a unique scheme that allows students to only decide on their major at the end of their second year. Source: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Falling in line with PolyU’s vision of “Opening Minds – Shaping the Future,” PolyU’s courses follow a unique scheme that allows students to only decide on their major at the end of their second year. Students can choose from a wide range of available courses with supportive faculty members and staff readily available to offer advice on career or module choices. As a result, students will be able to make more informed choices upon gaining a better understanding of the programmes.

For the first two years, all students admitted into the BEng(Hons) Scheme in Mechanical Engineering will study together. After that, they choose their preferred award in either Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering or Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design in the next two years until graduation.

During the first year of the Scheme, students follow the standard first-year curriculum widely adopted throughout the Faculty of Engineering. It includes fundamentals in physics, mathematics and information technology. During their second year, they build a foundation in materials engineering, engineering mechanics, electricity and electronics, computing, engineering design, and enhancements in mathematics.

Industrial training programmes bring these modules to life. “In my two years at PolyU, I have found that every facet of university life at PolyU – research, teaching, events – is enriched by an international experience and a ubiquitous sense of innovation and modernisation. What I really appreciate is that the university has done an excellent job of linking the academic knowledge taught with work-based opportunities and hands-on experience with industry-standard equipment,” says Malik.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

PolyU has established international partnerships with institutions around the world. Source: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Exposure to real-world working experiences

PolyU has established international partnerships with institutions worldwide, giving students access to global internship placements that’ll enrich their study experience. These are useful for knowledge- and skills-driven students like Malik, to apply their newfound knowledge in real-world situations.

“I’m proud to say I was selected by Canada’s famous MITACS research institute to do a special 12-week research internship at the School of Superior Technology in Montreal this summer. I’m sure this will be an amazing experience,” says Malik.

Life in Hong Kong is just as dynamic for international students. Though the country is geographically small in size, there is nowhere else in the world where an international student can experience such an exuberant mixture of societal, cultural, and traditional diversity. From bustling urbanity to traditional villages, students will find a home away from home here.

“As an international student, I have engaged and worked with people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities,” says Malik. “This experience has not only made me more aware of the world around me but has also reshaped the way I think, feel, and act. Now more than ever, I feel empowered to make a transcendental difference in the world.”

With his PolyU degree and the valuable insights gained from his internship opportunities, Malik is confident about his future. “After graduation, I hope to become a mechanical engineer and work for innovative firms in Hong Kong or abroad,” he says. “I’d love to be able to help solve modern world problems like global warming and do other worthwhile things in my career.”

Follow in Malik’s footsteps and let PolyU take you where you want to be as a mechanical engineer. Find out more on their website here.

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