Develop your business skills at VIU’s School of Business and Management

“The support offered to students is truly what defines VIU’s tagline of ‘Matter Here.’ VIU is a place where you can feel like you matter; whether it’s the plethora of on-campus activities, or the overwhelming support by faculty.” – Brodie Virtanen, Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, Vancouver Island University (VIU)

In an increasingly interconnected world, a business and management degree can give you all the skills you need to navigate contemporary life. From market structures to finance, studying business and management at Vancouver Island University (VIU) will equip you with skills needed to tackle the modern business world.

“Business plays a major role in the structure and functioning of contemporary society. Rapid changes in technology, resource allocation, structural shifts in the economy, changes in consumer preferences, global competition, and shifts in the employment market all necessitate a better understanding of the role and nature of business in today’s society,” notes VIU’s School of Business and Management.

Located on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island, students at the School of Business and Management live and learn in one of the world’s most beautiful locations. Nestled just off the Canadian coastline, Vancouver Island provides a far-from-ordinary university experience. Integrating world-class academic excellence with picture-perfect beaches, top surfing spots and incredible wildlife, studying at Vancouver Island University is an opportunity like no other.

VIU is the perfect place for international students keen to study in a global business environment. The university hosts a diverse range of multicultural events, including the weekly Cultural Couch Series, which showcases food, art and music from different cultures.

As a student at VIU, you will work alongside leading professors in the business field, all of whom are committed to developing the next generation of key market influencers. More than just a higher education provider, VIU’s School of Business and Management is a supportive academic community dedicated to helping you reach success.

The university also has a jam-packed extracurricular schedule, making it easy for you to make friends with similar interests while away from home. Whether you enjoy getting involved in social activism or your passions lie in anime and gaming; there’s a ready-made group of people with whom you can socialize and collaborate with as soon as you arrive.

“Vancouver Island University does a great job of making every student feel like they matter. Every staff member I have encountered, from professors to librarians to cafeteria cashiers, is smiling and provides such respect for everyone. The environment is continually positive, making every student feel respected and important,” said Hannah Donovan, a current VIU student.

The business school is committed to helping you achieve your academic potential through small class sizes and one-on-one tuition. You will develop a deep understanding of professional and theoretical business practices supported by real-life experience via projects, internships and field-work opportunities, preparing you for life beyond graduation.

Undergraduate students can choose to study the Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a major in Accounting, Economics, Financial Services, Human Resource Management, International Business, Management or Marketing.

Throughout the four-year course, students gain an understanding of how the business world functions with an emphasis on global business operations, emerging markets, and technology-enabled organizations.

VIU also encourages students to complete a semester at an international university to help develop their global outlook. The school has links with institutions in the South Pacific, Europe, South America and China.

The Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) presents postgraduate students with an insight to the business world, with its Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) accreditation promising an elite education in a truly international setting. Over 14-16-months, students develop core skills in Management Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Economics and Accounting.

For students who are interested in a particular area of business and management, the school offers single and dual-degrees complete with a project or specialization. This means VIU students can choose to delve deeper into certain aspects of business and management studies, with additional electives that specialize in Finance or Marketing.

In their final semester of the program, students are required to complete an internship. Courses provided by the internship coordinators throughout the program prepare students with valuable, hands-on experience in the Canadian job market.

Postgraduate students can also complete a Graduate Certificate in Business if they want to take their business knowledge to the next level.

Recognising the importance of vocational business education, the school provides short ten-month intensive certificates in a range of subjects, including Applied Business Technology, Business Fundamentals for Aboriginal Communities Certificate, Certificate in Business Management, and Management Skills for Supervisors. These certificates allow business-minded people to upskill in specific areas including technical advice and placement experience. Through these innovative provisions, students expand their skill sets, adding value and influence to the business world that drives society forward.

Whether you’re about to embark on your undergraduate business journey, or you’re ready to explore a specialized path in the marketing world, VIU’s School of Business and Management will take you to your academic heights.

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