How to become a successful business leader

A business degree can take you anywhere in the world. With the skillset gained upon completion of a business programme, graduates become established in the corporate world and rapidly-evolve into tomorrow’s business leaders.

Studying business will teach you to think critically and tackle complex problems head-on. You’ll be able to find efficient and effective solutions – something that’s of paramount importance in the business world. Communication is also key to corporate success, with people management and negotiation expertise remaining a core focus for business degrees worldwide. This means students ultimately leave prepared for high-profile meetings and presentations that helps them reach the next level.

You will need to master the fields of data and financial analysis. Knowledge of statistics, patterns, economic formulas and trends helps business leaders keep on top of global markets while driving production and profit for their firm.

Business degrees are some of the most popular fields of study, with graduates in high-demand across the globe. The versatile skills gained can be applied across multiple industries, while the starting wage is generally higher than average and opportunities for progression are high.

The School of Management at the University of Bath is a leading institution in both the UK and the world, renowned for producing the next wave of business leaders. The School has been consistently ranked in the Top 100 European business institutions in the Financial Times rankings, boasting an impressive international reputation.

“The role of research is to hold up a mirror to business to ask businesses and public sector organisations and NGOs to look at what they are doing,” says Professor Veronica Hope Hailey, Dean of Bath’s School of Management and the University’s Vice-President for Corporate Engagement. “Businesses need to hold themselves up to scrutiny in order to learn how to improve practice, learn how to engage with their customers better, but also hold themselves up to the scrutiny of governments and society at large.”

Lecturers at the University of Bath are dedicated to developing your organisational prowess, shaping your critical-thinking skills and furthering your opportunities in the business world. The School has more than fifty years’ experience in business, establishing on-going relationships with over 400 companies, and working with many more to stay focused on changing organisational needs and industry demand.

Bath’s MSc in Management provides students with a strong foundation in core management subjects, with the additional option to specialise in a number of areas, including marketing, operations management, finance, human resource management and corporate social responsibility.

Students can also choose between doing a traditional dissertation or opting for the unique Practice Track. The Practice Track enables students to work with one of the School’s partner organisations to solve a real business challenge. This gives students the invaluable chance to experience how the world of business and management works, honing their skills before graduation.

“When I looked at the MSc in Management, I saw I could do the Practice Track instead,” says Natasha Yip, former student of the programme. “Bath has the only MSc courses I could find that offer a practical alternative to a dissertation, and I wanted to do that. It’s a unique thing.

“You get the chance to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds,” she adds. “It builds up your group work experience as well, and how to handle problems. You have to be organised and learn to plan for the unexpected. These are skills I’ll need in the work environment. It’ll definitely help my employability.”

Enhancing your employability is a primary goal for postgraduate study Bath. The School of Management boasts a 100 percent employment rate for its MSc students within six months of graduation*. Graduates have also reported accelerated rates of promotion, some within only six months of joining their organisation.

There’s also a dedicated career and skills support service available within the School of Management, offering a bespoke experience to enhance your professional development. A Professional Development Programme has been integrated into the curriculum, offering specialised workshops and support to help identify your personal goals. Help with online applications, interviews and assessment centres are included, while industry experts often visit the School to give  guest lectures or presentations. There is also a huge network of more than 17,000 alumni, which acts as a great source of advice and information if you are looking for careers advice or want more information about certain industries of companies.

Bharat Bajaj, graduate of the MSc Management at Bath, commented on his experience: “The MSc in Management allowed me to choose my modules and tailor my course to specialise in Finance. This has helped me to develop a thorough understanding about the financial aspects of business alongside the managerial aspects.

“Each module that I undertook was highly relevant in today’s business environment. The knowledge gained through the taught modules and the experience of their practical application through the Practice Track and other projects has tremendously added to my skillset.”

*Data based on those who were looking for work and for whom data is held

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