'Why you should date me' PowerPoint presentation by student goes viral
Fenton's PowerPoint approach is pretty ... unconventional. Source: Shutterstock

A PowerPoint presentation by a University of Minnesota student asking her college “crush” out as well as the many compelling reasons why he should do so have gone viral on the Internet.

Lizzy Fenton is the 19-year-old behind the well-reasoned and detailed slides, where she lists all the perks that come with dating her, from her financial stability to her “edgy yet tasteful” sense of humour.

The object of her affection, Carter Blochwitz, also stands to be dating a woman “that is like having three different girlfriends” as Fenton will be willing to shuffle between three distinct hairstyles that will completely change her appearance.

In one particular slide titled “My boobs exhibit steady growth over time”, Fenton even drew a graph that charted a “statistical analysis” to prove the “growth”, complete with a slope equation.

At university, Fenton is doing a double major in genetics, cell biology and development and Spanish with a minor in teaching English as a second language.


Another slide lists glowing testimonies from Channing Tatum, Miss America 2012 as well as the New York Times.

At the time of writing, the Twitter post has been retweeted more than 22 thousand times and received 33,421 likes. The Huffington Post, People and Daily Mail have covered the current mini frenzy over Fenton’s unconventional college mating tactics.

Even Microsoft joined in the fun with a little product endorsement:


Others who were inspired by her act came up with slides to convince her to forget Blochwitz and choose them instead.


When contacted by Buzzfeed for a comment, Fenton said: “My PowerPoint is stupid. There are far more vastly interesting things to write about.”

Fenton told People there is no “underlying motive” why she made the PowerPoint.

I wanted to win Carter over with sardonic wit, so I chose PowerPoint as my artistic medium,” Fenton said.

The Internet community cheered Fenton her on, calling her a genius and wishing her luck.

However, an unimpressed Blochwitz later replied to Fenton asking her to stay away from him.

But it seems like the whole thing may just be a joke between Fenton and Blochwitz.

USA Today College listed down all “evidence” to debunk the PowerPoint as an actual attempt to woo Blochwitz, such as Fenton’s appearances in Blochwitz’s social media accounts that show they have known each other for a while.

She was even the subject of Blochwitz’s very first Instagram post last year:


Regardless, Microsoft got one thing right. That’s a pretty dang great PowerPoint.

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