Student grades ex-girlfriend's apology letter in viral tweet
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In the wake of #Hurtbae comes another viral story of a college couple who broke up. But this time, it was the girl who cheated and the boy responded by leaving the relationship.

Shortly after that, the boy – Nick Lutz – received a four-page apology letter from his ex-girlfriend, which the University of Central Florida student proceeded to critically grade with a red pen, pointing out grammatical mistakes, bad handwriting and commenting on the lack of proof in her claims.

In the end, Lutz gave the letter a D-minus, with the comment:

“Long intro, short conclusion, short hypothesis but nothing to back it up. Details are important. If you want to be believed, back it up with proof. You claim that cheating never occurred but place blame on yourself— then what for? Need to stop contradicting your own story and pick a side. While this gesture is appreciated I would prefer details over statements. Revision for half credit will be accepted.”

The letter, which Lutz tweeted on his personal account, has since gone viral with more than 110,000 retweets and 300,000 likes.

Those who saw the tweet called his reaction “savage” although some said they would do the same. Others were impressed with his grading, asking whether Lutz was an English major. Another question Lutz was asked after his tweet went viral was whether he would like to go out on a date with them.

Regrets, I’ve had a few

When asked by BBC whether the college student now regrets tweeting the graded letter, he said, “Yes I do. I would say so.”

Lutz added that he received the apology shortly after calling time on the relationship and admits it probably wasn’t the best decision to tweet it. It was initially planned as a “joke” between him and his friends.

As for the girl? “She’s not the happiest but I didn’t expect it to go viral. She talks to my mum but I haven’t spoken to her and I’m not sure I will,” Lutz said.

Lutz also told another Twitter user that his ex-girlfriend had seen his comments and was “okay with her grade”.

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