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Daniels College Of Business: A challenge-based education that takes you far

A solid foundation to meet the demands of the real world — that’s what Vishesh Adlakha was looking for in an American degree. Coming from New Delhi, India, he was determined to learn as much as possible during his time in one of the most powerful nations in the world, especially from its many successful individuals, and apply it to his own endeavours.

The Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver gives him many opportunities to do so. Its carefully-tailored master’s programmes ground students with the knowledge, exposure and skills to thrive in their future careers.

Daniels College of Business

Vishesh Adlakha is pursuing an MBA and a master’s degree in finance at the Daniels College of Business. Source: Daniels College of Business

Classes at Daniels often include projects from real companies, utilising real data. Long before they graduate, students develop expertise in the industry of their choice, providing a distinct advantage in a competitive job and internship market. Small class sizes give them plenty of room for personalised instruction. Throw in a team of advisors and career coaches who understand the unique needs of international students, and it’s the perfect institution for students like Adlakha to find their footing.

“I’m not a native English speaker. For me, that was the biggest challenge initially,” Adlakha says. “But talking to a career advisor and an academic advisor made me feel safe in that environment. I knew the classes I would be taking, the companies I would be applying to and the people I would be networking with.”

Every aspect of Daniels’s full-time MBA programme is designed to teach students like Adlakha the skills top corporate recruiters are looking for. What makes the Denver MBA one of the world’s best is its challenge-based curriculum, which prompts students to work closely with companies on projects aimed at improving their skills. “Our challenge-based curriculum is a unique approach that elevates each student’s performance and effectiveness,” explains Assistant Dean Lowell Valencia-Miller. “To succeed, students must use leadership, teamwork, storytelling and the ability to navigate ambiguity. What they learn directly translates into experience on a resume.”

By working hand in hand with seasoned professionals and executives, students have the chance to apply what they hear in the classroom to real-world scenarios. “What you learn in the morning, you try out in the afternoon, so you come back to class with a clearer idea of what you do and don’t understand, and what you do and don’t need to get the job done,” says Valencia-Miller.

For Adlakha, this was a perfect way to refine his industry knowledge. “Through the different courses offered in the MBA, you learn a lot outside the classroom,” he shares. “Working on these projects also meant I was constantly learning on the job — which would help me in my programme, as well.”

Alongside the MBA, Adlakha is also pursuing his master’s degree in finance. In just 10 months, the Master of Science in Applied Quantitative Finance melds together a comprehensive study of finance theories and principles with advanced technologies, communication and teamwork. There are also concentrations a student can take within the programme to further develop their skill sets.

“Mixing the business analytics concentration with my master’s in finance was a great decision,” Adlakha says, noting the industry is increasingly concerned with analytics and data-driven solutions. “So now when I step out to take a job, I’m able to apply the tools I’d use as an analytics person in the world of finance as well.”

Daniels College of Business

The University of Denver is located in Denver, Colorado, offering plenty of opportunities to learn and have fun beyond the classroom. Source: Daniels College of Business

Denver makes for a great base for international students. Colorado’s capital city ranks among the top tech markets in North America, seeing a 14.2% growth in tech jobs over the 2020 to 2021 period. This is in large part due to the number of tech companies expanding in this region — such as Zoom, Arrow Electronics, Western Union and Xero — which are growing the city’s employment rate and making it a fertile ground for the latest advancements in business.

Like many programmes at Daniels, the MS in Business Analytics takes full advantage of this strategic location. Through a unique experiential component — the Capstone Programme — students perform real-time analytic consulting with live data and current business challenges. They work with a Capstone Partner, taken from a network of over 500 organisations.

The MS in Accounting, Technology and Analytics is a new programme popular with international students, as it immerses its students in rigorous training from day one. And with this programme’s STEM designation, F-1 international students may apply for a 24-month extension for Optional Practical Training (OPT). This allows for more time to explore all that Colorado has to offer. The same opportunity applies to graduates of the Master of Science in Applied Quantitative Finance and the Master of Science in Business Information and Analytics, which are STEM-designated as well.

The chance to visit some of the most famous natural wonders of the U.S. only enhances the Daniels experience. The University of Denver is located where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, beckoning every adventurous soul to explore its terrains. Skiing, hiking and many other outdoor opportunities are an easy drive from campus, offering idyllic, healing breaks in between one’s studies.

The result? Confident and capable graduates who are ready to tackle the greatest challenges facing the business world today.

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