5 scholarships at Czech Republic universities international students don’t want to miss

study in the Czech Republic
If you study in the Czech Republic which is basically the heart of Europe, expect to pay US$216 for a train pass which will give you access to 33 EU countries. Source: Michael Svacek/AFP

Prague is fast rising as an international student hotspot. From cheap beer to a lively art scene, there are so many more reasons why many choose Czech Republic universities. Another reason would be the powerful combination of the country having 14 UNESCO World Heritage sites and a very affordable nightlife scene. 

Let’s not forget the unbeatable location. If youre a student in Czech Republic universities, you’re practically in the heart of Europe, where a US$216 train pass which take you to 33 EU countries. Budapest, Vienna, and Berlin, here we come!

In terms of costs of living, let’s break down the numbers for you. Student dorms will cost you US$150 a month while private flats (great for group sharing) is US$450 a month.

study in the Czech Republic

Prague has 14 UNESCO World Heritage sites and a very affordable nightlife scene. Source: Michal Cizek/AFP

Higher education is free of charge if you can understand Czech. If you’re looking at degrees taught in English, like a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, it would only be US$4,000 a year at a public uni there. That’s a steep difference to the US$28,794 charged at US universities.

There’s another way to make your study abroad adventure cheaper still: scholarships. If you want to study at  Czech Republic universities, start applying for these programmes stat:


Erasmus+ offers 16 different programmes in Czech Republic — each covers all your expenses. The full list of participating Czech Republic universities can be found here

South Moravian for Mobility

If you’re already in one of Czech Republic universities, you can submit an application proving your academic performance and family/personal income during the last financial year. The scholarship prize is US$320 to cover basic living costs in addition to a free consultancy service.

Josef Dobrovsky Fellowship

If you’re looking to study in the Czech Republic on a short-term basis, this programme supports foreign researchers. This focuses on research areas in the historical, cultural, language, geographic or natural characteristics of the Czech Republic. 

You would get up to 45 days of your stay funded at one of the institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS). 


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Czech Technical University Scholarships

For master’s students who have completed their first semester or doctoral students, Czech Technical University in Prague offers scholarships from US$458 a month or US$733 for  doctoral students

Charles University Scholarships

Charles University, the oldest and largest among Czech Republic universities, offers PhD scholarships ranging from US$480 to US$1,144 a month. 

They also have other options for financial support which is organised by three individual faculties — mathematics and physics, social sciences and science