Curtin University Sarawak: Research and teaching excellence

Curtin University Sarawak understands the challenges modern students face. To ease these complex difficulties, the university provides innumerable opportunities for students to become the best they can be and ultimately achieve their goals in later life. Courses here are applied, innovative and relevant to the world, acting as the perfect platform for graduates to become important and successful global citizens.

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Jim Mienczakowski, says: “I am pleased to welcome you to Curtin University’s largest international campus as well as one of the largest and fastest-growing foreign branch campuses in the world…We are…widely recognised for the practical and applied nature of our courses, which equip graduates with essential skills through exposure to industry and business, and as well as our research, which focuses on solving real world problems.”

Learning and teaching excellence is the foundation for the Curtin education, where lecturers create an engaging and learner-focused environment for students. Here, you will develop into a knowledge creator, critical thinker, effective communicator, and responsible leader through a holistic curriculum that influences life in and outside of the classroom. Quality and innovation are key to the design, delivery and assessment of each individual course.

The Curtin Malaysia Faculty of Engineering and Science ensures that students are granted an industry-connected educational experience that provides solutions to the challenges faced by the global engineering and scientific communities. Here, faculty consistently strive to be nationally and internationally-recognised leaders in the research fields of both engineering and science, gifting students with the best possible start to an industry career. All engineering programs are fully accredited by Engineers Australia, and the Engineering Accreditation Council, Malaysia and for Chemical Engineering, by IChemE,UK.

The Faculty of Business at Curtin University is one of the leading providers of business education nationally, offering a comprehensive range of business courses, while connections with the local community ensures that students are aligned with the latest industry trends. The school boasts an impressive employability rate due to such connections, which effectively serve the needs of both the student and employer. The Faculty of Business programs are accredited by AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, USA)

The Faculty of Humanities is a growing faculty, with the undergraduate degree in Media and Communications and the postgraduate Masters in Project Management proving hugely popular. The faculty’s graduate certificates seek to develop skills in a specialised field and take student understanding to whole new levels, helping them become sound critical thinkers within that particular discipline.

In other faculties, graduate programmes are designed for non-graduates and enable the progression a student’s postgraduate study. Each programme is career-orientated, with faculty dedicated to providing students with the springboard for success.

Curtin has a dedicated Department of University Life that strives to take care of each individual from point of entry until graduation, and through to becoming a member of the institution’s diverse alumni network. When students first arrive, they have access to an informative Orientation Programme to help them get settled to their brand-new living environment. A range of exciting activities are available to students, aimed at supporting their development and building confidence throughout university life. There are also a number of classes and talks specifically designed to prepare students for the working world, and provide them with the necessary assistance to apply and succeed whatever their future career.

Located in Miri, Sarawak’s second-largest city in the north of the state, students reside in a vibrant and exciting city that perfect for growth and reflection. Close to the border of Brunei, the city is home to 350,000 inhabitants and provides an array of post-university opportunities and experiences.  The city is currently experiencing a cultural and economic revolution, and is fast becoming the location of choice to live, work, visit, invest and study in Sarawak.

Curtin Malaysia will also be launching a number of new courses from the start from the start of the 2018 academic year, further expanding the institution’s diverse and sought-after offering. Included in the new courses are: BA Construction Management, BSc Computing, with streams in Software Engineering and Cyber Security, Bachelor of Commerce Management and Human Resources, and Master of Arts Journalism.

“We are located in a region of Sarawak famed for its natural wonders, rich cultural heritage and biodiversity, oil and gas industry, and emerging processing and manufacturing industries, and with over 3,500 students from more than 40 countries, we offer students a truly international and cross-cultural learning environment in a unique Malaysian setting,” Mienczakowski concludes.

Curtin Sarawak is a vibrant international institution with an exciting future and I invite you to join us on our exciting journey forward.”

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