Curtin University: Preparing you for the next chapter

When you’re planning your future university and course choice, choosing the right learning environment and a course that will set you apart in the global workforce is crucial. That’s why it’s essential to plan your study path early on and choose an academic institution that caters to your aspirations. In an increasingly competitive employment environment, Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia is committed to developing graduates who will go on to have real impact in their chosen field.

With practical courses that are designed with input from industry, Curtin’s technology-rich learning environments are set up to help you get the experience you need to be successful upon graduation.

Curtin’s collection of industry-connected courses sets it apart from the competition. Learning spaces have been designed to act like real-life settings, simulating the buzz of an active workplace. An example of this would be the clinical simulated hospital wards. These innovative areas enable trainee doctors and nurses with interactive technologies and various surgical and medical wards. Another virtual location is the stock market training room, complete with an array of powerful software, international news services and stock prices so aspiring traders feel at home. The Curtin campus is also home to a film and TV studio, radio station and social media Agency, providing students with hands-on learning opportunities.

Many companies love to see evidence of an internship or work placement on your CV. This shows that you’ve aimed to participate in a professional working environment and reflects an impressive work ethic, increasing the available employment opportunities to you. Curtin offers students various internship, ‘earn while you learn’ and exchange opportunities so you can enhance your skills and employability. For example, seven students from Curtin Business School took part in a once-in-a-lifetime, eight-week exchange program with Stanford University in California.

In addition to work opportunities, Curtin’s Careers Centre also offers support services for students to give them the skills they need to help with career planning and job applications. For example, the Curtin Employability Award teaches you about workplace communication, personal branding and how to submit a captivating application.  The service also helps you tackle important queries; for instance, what sort of jobs you’d be suitable for after the completion of your course, or the rate of pay you’re likely to receive within your desired position. After all, effective planning leads to ultimate progress.

With an impressive network of over 220,000 alumni across the globe, current students can connect with past Curtin graduates. Edmund Seng, President of the Curtin University alumni Singapore Chapter, recently developed a suite of services including career counselling and workshops on job searching, résumé writing and interviewing. The fact that Curtin utilises its vast pool of talent, even once they’ve left, demonstrates how dedicated the institution is to your future. Additionally, you’ll forever be a part of the Curtin community – it doesn’t begin and end with the pursuit of your degree.

Curtin University takes your career choice seriously and successfully produces graduates who are ready to join the global workforce. With interactive and informative resources and a careers service to help nurture your talent, you’ll feel enriched and supported every step of the way. Plus, if you’re searching for a course that will educate you but also encourage you to professionally flourish, there’s no better place for it than the Curtin community.

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