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When Ana-Maria Roman began her legal education at Coventry University, she knew that she was in the right place. “From the first week, lecturers ensured that everything was explained clearly and that everyone understood the support in place for them throughout their undergraduate course,” she says.

That support was crucial for her to transition into the rigorous law school environment. “We have been given Progress and Success Coaches, which help us manage our time whilst at university and ensure that we are not struggling,” says Roman. 

Kristyna Petrosjanova did more than just survive. She thrived at Coventry University. “One of the things that had attracted me to study at Coventry was its international focus,” says the Law LLB (Hons) graduate. “University is an experience, which influences your ever-developing personality as well as being a means to obtain a degree. Coventry did not disappoint on either point. During my time at the university, I was not only able to achieve a first-class award and build relationships with my peers and tutors but also to immerse myself in the cultural experience opportunities offered.”

That experience will be helpful when Petrosjanova manages clients of different personalities as an Associate at Mills and Reeves LLP – a leading law firm in the UK. 

Coventry University - Law

Source: Kristyna Petrosjanova

It’s a career trajectory many Coventry Law School graduates enjoy. The best part? Students can start pursuing their LLB Law (Hons) in January, an offering few other unis provide. Students need not wait until September 2023 to start a course; they can seize the opportunity now, start in January and save time in a way that is no less impactful. It is the ideal programme for those seeking an in-depth understanding of the law. 

Anxious at the thought of starting earlier than the regular September intake? Don’t be. Progress Coaches and Success Coaches, as mentioned by Roman, are present to support you at every step of your legal journey. 

“Everybody’s idea of success is different and I’m here to help you to define yours,” says Sammy Kaur, a Success Coach. “Maybe you want to be at the top of your class, or become more confident. I’ll guide you to develop your strategies for success, overcome challenges or find a new direction. If you leave my sessions feeling empowered, with a clear vision of your goals, I know my job is done.”

That’s not all. Expect to receive your course materials as part of the flying start scheme and hit the ground running with the university’s mobile-first, interactive teaching and learning platform, Aula

Coventry University - Law

Source: Ana-Maria Roman

In the classroom, students develop transferable skills throughout their degrees. As they explore a range of contemporary legal issues before exploring any specialised legal modules such as Family Law, International Criminal Law, Company Law and many more, they cultivate the ability to express themselves clearly and persuasively. Along the way, they develop the ability to think critically as well.

Beyond this, aspiring legal professionals are given plenty of opportunities to discover how their careers may pan out. “The law department ensures that the students are aware of the opportunities given, such as ‘Raising the Bar’ events on a weekly basis and work experience at the Central England Law Centre, which I am currently taking part in,” says Roman.

The “Raising the Bar” initiative is a dedicated employability scheme that helps students like Roman to build their legal network. Those who want to gain practical legal experience under the supervision of a trained solicitor and lawyer can apply to volunteer at the Employment Law Clinic, Advocacy Clinic or Business Law and Enterprise Clinic.

In the “Moot Room,” students practise and hone their skills in a close to real-life setting. Through Collaborative Online International Learning projects, they will not only engage with students at other international universities and industry experts, but also develop their intercultural competencies and digital skills. 

Click here to discover how you can begin your education in the vibrant city of Coventry – ranked in the top five best student city in the UK, according to the QS Best Student Cities Rankings 2022. 

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