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Digitising executive education for businesses with Coventry University

The age of digital change has brought a shift for the better across many industries. New tools such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing bring a lot of changes within business operations. Digital solutions now need to meet business demands.

Executive education is also changing. Students are now deciding to complete training and learning courses online over traditional classroom programmes. Hence, online study is the perfect solution for businesses as it gives flexibility in terms of time and cost.

Options for online executive education

World ranking universities and alternative education providers are shifting to online learning – giving business leaders more options.

So how do businesses make the right choice with this many options in the market?

The main difference that sets an online executive degree programme ahead from the rest is the balance it provides:

Flexibility of accessing learning content from anywhere in the world. Versus face to face interaction that comes with traditional learning.

Coventry University offers a wide range of high-quality degree programmes, including professional and academic support and guidance. Students will be able to join and interact with a diverse community of peers from across the globe on the Futurelearn social learning platform. The university will provide full access to online course materials, as well as the university’s online library so students will get the same content and experience as their on-campus peers.

Conventry University

Coventry University offers a variety of online learning programmes. Source: Conventry University

Experts in the game

Coventry University is a well-regarded name in the world of online learning programmes. The university is recognised as the fourth-best university in the world (2019) and the first in the UK for offering Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) by MoocLab’s World University Rankings.

Coventry University has provided distance learning courses since 2017 through Coventry University Online. The university now offers over 20-degree programmes and 75 short courses on the FutureLearn platform.

Benefits for your Business

There are many reasons businesses should provide executive education for their employees. Research shows that training is more likely to increase staff engagement and retention. In addition, employees enjoy an increase in morale and motivation from taking part in training courses.

Learning can occur anywhere and anytime, depending on the student’s preferences. This flexibility provides a healthier work-life balance for employees juggling both studies and work. In the long run, businesses benefit from having trained employees without the loss of productivity.

Coventry University also offers a dedicated point of contact to give businesses visibility on their ROI. They will then be able to communicate with the university directly and receive updates on their employees’ progress.

Flexible financing options

The cost can be an obstacle for some businesses looking to provide executive education for their employees. It may also not be possible for companies to pay full-course fees.

Coventry University’s online education offerings enable employers to choose how they would like to finance their executive degree plan. Businesses can choose to pay per module or in instalments over a few years, allowing them to plan their budgets accordingly.

Nurturing employee growth

Coventry University Online has specialist degrees including Master of Business Administration MSc Emergency Management and Resilience MBA for the Healthcare SectorPostgraduate Certificate in Education and more.

At the end of the course, students will earn a full Coventry University certified degree that they can use to improve their credentials.

Coventry University’s next online program cohort commences this May. If you’re interested in becoming an executive education degree partner, send us an email at to find out more!