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Experience can help women build businesses, but it’s a quality education that will allow them to make it successful. Sarah Windrum kept this in mind when she selected Coventry University’s MSc Data Science as her trump card. Her role as Chair of the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (CWLEP) helped her realise the impact of data in setting her business apart. Windrum had already established Leamington-based The Emerald Group — a technology company that provides expert IT advice, support and solutions for businesses. 

“I’ve spent a lot of time in my CWLEP role with the games sector,” she explains. “They live and die by the data they collect and how they inform the development of their games. So, it is quite exciting to see business technology going in that direction too. I know how the technology collects the data but what I didn’t know is how you then use that data and the technology to analyse that data to make strategic decisions.”

The programme she chose was not just designed as an answer to her burning questions, but as a solution to a shortage as well. In light of an ever-growing skills shortage in the UK, the inclusive and empowering Coventry University developed its broad, multidisciplinary MSc Data Science to encourage more graduates like Windrum to upskill in the booming field. 

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Sarah Windrum didn’t let entrepreneurial success stop her from securing the skills and knowledge needed to truly set her business apart. Source: Coventry University

First and foremost, the programme establishes necessary foundations in computer programming, mathematics and statistics before encouraging learners to build more specialised knowledge and skills in the management and analysis of several forms and sizes of data. Key topics covered span programming, software development, data analytics, statistical modelling, mathematical foundations, data management systems, big data management, information retrieval, machine learning algorithms, and of course, data science applications, tools, projects and current issues. 

Its comprehensive nature ensures all backgrounds — even those without any prior knowledge in mathematics, statistics or programming — are welcomed with open arms. Delivery is adjustable too. 

“The flexibility of the course and support has been brilliant,” confirms Windrum. “My tutor Mark Johnston has helped us all get back into that academic environment and coursework deadlines. I’ve also been impressed by how the university has really invested in technology and adapted during the pandemic. When you are trying to juggle it alongside everything else, having the digital tools to do this remotely is so useful.”

The National Cyber Security Centre-certified MSc Cyber Security is equally accessible (delivered both online and on-campus) and topical. In light of an increasing number of sophisticated security threats plaguing modern society, Coventry University got to work. This programme prepares recent graduates as well as early- and mid-career practitioners in the computing industry to shift gears into the cyber security field. To do so, it nurtures industry-informed knowledge and skills in areas such as network security, secure design, cryptography, risk assessment, ethical hacking, digital forensics, and incident response.

Those who choose to study either MSc online are often pleased with the experience. With Coventry University, using technology to learn technology has never been easier. In fact, the university was awarded a five-star QS rating for online learning. However, studying in person is an obvious choice for many reasons — one of which is the fact that all lessons are conducted in state-of-the-art, specialist labs on Coventry University’s vibrant campus. Little wonder why the option appeals to undergraduates keen on laying a solid technical foundation that will eventually open doors.

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Second-year computer science international student, Khushi Lakhlani, is proud to say that she will soon be working at Intel Corporation Private Limited, Swindon, UK. Source: Coventry University

Khushi Lakhlani is a prime example whose story exemplifies just how powerful a future-focused Coventry University education can be. The second-year Computer Science BSc (Hons) international student immediately landed an interview when she applied for her internship at Intel in 2021. Lakhlani underwent several interviews, presentations, group exercises and technical exams before receiving an offer from the esteemed, global tech company. 

“With the right guidance, motivation, and willingness to put in maximum effort, you too can achieve success,” she says. “I am immensely thankful to each person who helped me throughout this journey, without which this would not have been possible. They gave me a platform to showcase my skills and get professional exposure.”

Apart from her supportive family, Lakhlani credits Coventry University’s Talent Team, staff within the Engineering, Environment and Computing faculty, and members of the Women in Engineering Society for guiding her every step of the way. 

Such support are typically offered to women who choose Coventry University as their launchpad to high-tech success. To become one of them, click here

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