Community college
Here's a rough guide to help you decide whether or not community college is right for you. Source: Shutterstock

Are you planning to further your studies in the US? You might feel torn over your options, wondering whether you should you enrol in a community college or opt for direct entry into a four-year university.

Community college does have its appeal. Upon completing your studies at these two-year institutions, you’ll receive an associate degree or professional certificate and can transfer to a four-year university to complete your degree. 

However, a growing number of community colleges are also offering Bachelor degree programmes.

So, how do you decide whether you should enrol in community college or a regular university?

Take our quiz to find out: 

Did you struggle in high school or are you uncertain whether college is the right path for you?


If you enrol in higher education, do you know what major you’d like to pursue?


Do you learn better in small classes that give you more chances to speak with your instructor and learn at your own pace?


Is money a major stumbling block when it comes to deciding whether you should pursue higher education?

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Is school-life balance extremely important to you?


Quiz: Is community college the right choice for you?
Regular four-year university

Based on your responses, a regular four-year college or university would suit you best. You don't necessarily need a flexible school-life balance to cope with your part-time work or family obligations (more so than usual), are generally confident with your ability to cope with a university workload, and feel fairly certain that pursuing a four-year degree is the right choice for you.
Community college

Based on your responses, community college could be a good choice for you. This option is useful for students who struggled in high school, or even those who didn't struggle in school but are uncertain whether they want to commit to a four-year university programme. Community college is cheaper than a traditional four-year university, while the US News and World Report notes that some 60 percent of community college students attend school part-time, making it an ideal choice for both young and older students who need the flexibility to work part-time or see to family obligations.

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