Collaborate and thrive with the Bath School of Art & Design’s contemporary creative network
Source: Bath School of Art & Design

In a world that embraces creative ingenuity and artistic attitudes, Bath School of Art & Design supplies a hub where innovative ideas prosper and careers grow.

As an integral part of a top creative university, the design school welcomes talents from all over the world. Through a prime selection of lectures and facilities, Bath Spa refines the artistic passion you will need to thrive.

Collaborate with an international creative network

At Bath School of Art & Design, there are no limitations to your creative abilities. By working together with an international network of skilful artists and visionaries, you’ll enhance your cultural understanding and take your experience to the next level.

Source: Bath School of Art & Design

The established art and design school teaches you to master traditional techniques and merge them with fresh concepts. By striking a balance between classic and contemporary, Bath Spa will grant you the head start you need to get noticed in the competitive creative sector.

To stay in tune with the current creative landscape, the school keeps all course curricula up-to-date and relevant to today’s market trends. New additions to the degree collection include BA (Hons) Interior Design, BA (Hons) Drawing and BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Management.

The school caters to all types of creative with a range of specialist workshops. From digital technologies, photography and print, ceramics and textiles and fashion; there’s space here to experiment with all forms of art and crafts.

That’s what MA Design (Ceramics) student, Ana Pichler Schmidt, found valuable during her time at Bath Spa. As she explains, “One of the best qualities of the School is the option to use various workshops regardless of your chosen course. Highly skilled and helpful technicians provide us with priceless skills and knowledge which is inspirational to our own practice. The idea that I can learn how to use any materials and technologies means that I can achieve anything.”

The Art & Design students of Bath Spa

At the Bath School of Art & Design, student satisfaction is a huge priority. The school understands that students must feel comfortable and at ease throughout their study experience to produce their finest creative work.

If you get the chance to visit and look around the school, you’ll notice that the studios are filled with high-levels of positive energy and provide dynamic environments for artistic practice. It’s the ideal place to formulate long-lasting connections with your peers and to ignite your inner aspirations.

According to Bath Spa MA Fine Art student, Kelly M. O’Brien, “My course was recommended to me by several graduates of the program and I was impressed by the School’s art practices. Although I am only in my first year, already I feel engaged professionally by opportunities at school.”

Source: Bath School of Art & Design

Kelly also highlights that, “The quality of education is terrific and the new art school that is being built to launch in 2019 is world-class. The school size is large enough to offer robust learning opportunities yet intimate enough that faculty and staff are responsive to your needs. You couldn’t come to a lovelier city- Bath is an easy daytrip to London and close to Bristol, another vibrant arts scene.”

It’s clear to see that high rates of student satisfaction run rapidly through this modern art and design school. As postgraduate student, Ana Pichler Schmidt notes, “Finding my tutors and guest lecturers in books, magazines and exhibitions has been an indicator of the School’s staff quality.”

Dare to design beyond artistic boundaries

Once Bath School of Art & Design opens your world to endless opportunities and triggers your desire for innovation, there’s no limit on where your qualification could take you.

Encouraging you to take your designs beyond expectations, you’ll defy artistic barriers and produce extraordinary work. This will boost both your professional portfolio and self-belief.

For Kelly, Fine Art at BSAD has allowed her to master niche tools and techniques that will boost her career prospects. “As part of the Degree Show Working Group, I’m learning how to mount and market a large complex exhibition. Interfacing with students from other MA programs, faculty, school administration and communications staff has been eye-opening and broadened my understanding of how things work.”

And for Ana, she believes her course at Bath Spa has helped advance her career and expose her unique talents. “I gained a sense of the current opportunities and trends in the field of ceramics, as well as in contemporary art practices. Portfolio and career advice are available on request and I am particularly proud of gaining the skill sets and knowledge of ceramic technology and history. I will always be using those in my work.”

It’s not only Kelly and Ana who have benefited from their time at Bath Spa. Every student who invests their creative energy into courses here walk away with a strong sense of accomplishment and an eagerness to explore their ambitions.

At Bath School of Art and Design, you’ll discover new possibilities and artistically evolve.

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