Study at the heart of art and design with Bath Spa University

If you’re looking for a British university that captures the heart and soul of 21st-century creatives, look no further than Bath Spa University. With a contemporary School of Art and Design, this Bath-based institution has rightfully made its mark in the modern age of artists, designers and innovators.

Creative Vision and Direction

The Bath School of Art Design boasts a campus that bursts with creativity. By basing the academic framework on a stable philosophy of artistry, your studies and career will be heading in the right direction.

By embracing individuality, this school ensures that students are treated as unique and creative practitioners. From day one, you are encouraged to explore and experiment with your artistic style and support your studies with exceptional academic and technical guidance.

The Bath School of Art and Design helps you reach your aspirations, allowing you to build a remarkable professional portfolio. As creative exploration, visual discovery, experimentation, critical enquiry and industry engagement are all key factors of the Bath school experience, you’ll graduate with confidence and the capability needed to solve problems out in the world.

Locksbrook Campus

In September 2019, the Bath School of Art and Design will open a new campus in the heart of Bath. Originally designed by Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, Locksbrook Campus offers a multifunctional and fresh art space where your creative ideas can flourish.

Located in the historic, picturesque city of Bath, students have an unlimited supply of inspiration on their doorstep. With a dynamic creative sector, exceptional galleries, museums, shops and striking architecture – here, you’ll never run out of a new artistic muse.

For a sneak peek at the Locksbrook Campus, check out this video:

As you can see, Locksbrook is already making a huge impression on the Bath Spa creative community, attracting attention from applicants all over the world.

State-of-the-art Strategies

Known for its state-of-the-art strategies, the school provides open access and multi-dimensional uses of space via the new Locksbrook Campus.

Ultimately, the campus will be internationally acknowledged as an industry-facing academic incubator for art and design. By establishing a creative and accessible hub for both companies and communities, it will be easier for the industry to connect and collaborate with talented Bath Spa students.

As the Assistant Dean of Bath School of Art and Design, Daniel Allen, explains “Working closely with Grimshaw Architects, we think we have designed a campus that will revolutionise education in the UK. No matter what programme or specialism a student studies, our new facility proactively enables cross and inter-disciplinary working. It places our outstanding technicians and world-leading facilities at the heart of the campus and invites industry partnerships to help us shape the future of our talented and aspirational graduates.”

The Rooftop Pavilion

Alongside practical workshops, studios and a gallery, the Locksbrook Campus will incorporate a new Rooftop Pavilion. This flexible co-working space will link students and graduates with freelancers and employers through numerous events co-delivered by the art and design school.

Essentially, the pavilion is there to accommodate corporate events and industry-training workshops, as well as international summer school programmes. It will also provide a venue for valuable mentoring sessions and knowledge exchange opportunities.

By adding a third storey to the Locksbrook building, the Rooftop Pavilion expands the learning and potential of students. With more space to attend professional practice events and to network with creative industries, your training and business development skills will be in top form. Especially as the campus aims to increase graduate retention by enabling and supporting the business start-up scene.

Community of Creatives

This campus lies in the centre of the city, so you’ll soon meet fellow creative professionals who are living and working in the surrounding community. The school caters for a variety of artistic disciplines, with workshops designed to suit students and artistic members of the public.

To enhance the relationship between the Bath Spa School of Art and Design and the surrounding community, the university plans to effectively utilise the Locksbrook campus to strengthen the rate of community engagement and entice more artists to the school.

With specialist printing facilities, a shop full of materials and excellent spaces to study, Bath Spa supports both its students and the local community.

Environmental Sustainability

As we all know, there’s a significant bond between sustainability and the arts. In an era wrought by climate change, the world is rife with concern for the welfare of our planet, you’ll be pleased to know that Bath Spa University prides itself on its outstanding environmental credentials.

For the Bath Spa art and design sector, the brand-new campus refurbishment has been designed with energy-saving solutions and includes elements of environmental comfort.  For example, heat will be regulated by temperature-controlled roof-lights and the ceiling windows have been designed to ensure that non-directional light is obtained, significantly reducing electricity consumption.

By pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at the Bath School of Art and Design, you’ll have the freedom to shape your studies and the luxury to forge a path to your career at the new Locksbrook Campus. It’s time to discover new possibilities and awaken the artist within you in the beautiful city of Bath.

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