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Clarkson University combines advantages of a professional master’s degree and a research university

When there is a problem in need of a solution, universities that inspire innovation and research are where society often turns. Universities are where creativity, knowledge and curiosity combine to produce researchers whose professional skills answer important questions. The fallout — economic, political or otherwise — of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic only proves this further.

Clarkson University offers all the right opportunities for aspiring change-makers to right today’s wrongs and forge a better, healthier future. Whether it be in business, health professions, education and teaching, engineering, sciences or a combination of a few, master’s programmes here prepare students for research-based and professional career paths.

“Clarkson has a long history of innovation, of developing sustainable solutions to wicked problems,” notes Provost Robyn Hannigan. “We harvest the power of innovation and ignite change in a way that ensures equity, diversity, and inclusion and, in so doing, transform not only Clarkson but STEM in higher education.”

Clarkson University

At Clarkson, research is focused on providing solutions to real world challenges – with the goal to secure a better future for current and future generations. Source: Clarkson University

Currently celebrating its 125th year since being founded in northern New York State, Clarkson offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes. The university is home to more than 4,000 scholars from diverse backgrounds — all looking to embrace challenges and thrive alongside one another.

For master’s students, many STEM departments at Clarkson offer both research degrees requiring a thesis, and more professional options that can be completed with a real-world project or comprehensive exam. The project option gives students an opportunity to apply research in the field, putting their theoretical knowledge to work. Some projects are completed in corporate or government offices, giving students resume-worthy experience to increase their professional potential.

“Project-based master’s degrees at Clarkson take the best of our research expertise and our strong reputation for turning out career-ready professionals,” explains Michelle Crimi, interim dean of the Graduate School. “Through world-relevant curricula and engagement with leaders in industry, business, and education, you will deepen your knowledge base to accelerate your ideas into innovative products and processes, and lead organisations that have impact.”

Among its extensive lineup, several programmes are available for those looking to excel in STEM. For example, the MS Degree in Applied Data Science combines skills and methodologies from applied statistics, business, computer science, and software engineering. The MS in Computer Science, an equally popular choice, provides students with the theoretical foundation needed to develop software and the systems that are often paired with them. Aspects such as design, theory, and application are incorporated throughout as well for those looking to thrive in computer technology.

If you’re looking to expand your understanding of areas such as communications and signal processing, power systems, biometrics, control systems, microelectronics, metamaterials, and more –– the MS in Electrical Engineering might be a good fit. With the main campus option, students take on 30 credit hours spent learning from an experienced faculty. They enjoy research facilities, professional experiences, state-of-the-art laboratories, faculty mentor programmes, consideration for assistantship funding, and even flexible online delivery. Those who choose this route will be able to follow in the footsteps of the university’s class of 2020 and their impressive placement rate of 100%.

Clarkson University

The Clarkson external network proudly engages over 380 active partners within industries, government agencies, chambers of commerce and research organisations. Source: Clarkson University

Students and faculty members conduct this world-changing research in a range of centres and labs — all well-equipped to spark groundbreaking findings. When they aren’t in the classroom, you can find them discovering at the Centre for Advanced Materials Processing; Centre for Air Resources Engineering and Sciences; Centre for Identification Technology Research; Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems; Shipley Centre for Innovation; Centre for Rehabilitation Engineering, Science and Technology; or the Clarkson Centre for Complex Systems Science. Within each, some graduate students expand their professional bandwidth, while others prepare to further their education with a PhD.

“The strength of Clarkson’s reputation means that our master’s students can go on for advanced study at the doctoral level, even if they complete a project-based or coursework-only MS option,” notes Interim Dean Crimi. “Some are invited to stay and continue at the doctoral level.”

Customisable — with a vast array of options for every aspiration. Affordable — with most master’s programmes requiring between 30 to 36 credit hours. Effective — with MS graduates achieving salaries of over US$79,000 and one in five already leading as CEOs, senior executives or owners of a company. There are many more reasons why Clarkson University is an ideal choice for those looking to join a new generation of leaders. Eager to find out for yourself? Learn more here.

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