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Christ College Brecon: The right blend of a rigorous curriculum and enriching activities

School is the time where children must have the space and freedom to explore their interests, passions and aspirations. It is also a time where their self-identity should be enhanced through gained experiences with people with hopes and dreams as varied as possible. A good school strikes a balance between a rigorous curriculum and enriching activities to fuel the passions of students and supports their journey to become global citizens. 

Christ College Brecon is one such school where students will find a balance between rigour and character. Located on the outskirts of Brecon and surrounded by spectacular and diverse landscapes, Christ College Brecon’s 40-acre campus is a stone’s throw away from Georgian architecture and towns overflowing with tales of olden times. The campus is perfectly situated in an area home to the mighty Pen-y-Fan, with its distinctive red table top summit.

The school’s philosophy — “They achieve because they believe they can” — still rings true today since its inception in 1541. Students here develop a natural willingness to step out of their comfort zones and take on both new experiences and challenges beyond the classroom. Of course, it goes without saying that this recipe for success can only be made possible with a supportive learning environment that’s something that Christ College has perfected over the years. 

Christ College Brecon

Every student’s learning needs are met at Christ College Brecon through personalised learning, intentionally small class sizes and a faculty of qualified and dedicated teachers. Source: Christ College Brecon

Adopting a student-centred approach, the school ensures every student’s learning needs are met through their emphasis on personalised learning and intentionally small class sizes that allow students to thrive in their studies. Students are taught to be compassionate individuals that value kindness and service to others. Coupled with the quality of relationships between students and teachers, Christ College Brecon truly stands apart from its competitors. 

What’s more, the school’s dedicated teachers are committed to far more than helping students achieve their academic potential. They are also passionate about their character development, encouraging them to achieve their goals and to grow into confident and accomplished adults. These efforts are translated into collaborative opportunities, with each student having an Academic Tuto’ that’ll support them at every stage of their learning journey, especially when it comes to selecting subject choices in the Sixth Form. Tutor groups ensure each individual is guided as well, further cultivating and maintaining a positive working relationship between tutor and each student. 

In order for students to have a real sense of ownership over their academic enrichment process, the school sets a one-hour designated slot for these purposes each Monday, Tuesday and Friday. This initiative is open to all students, regardless of age or interest. 

To maintain the rigour of the curriculum, there is a Grade Review System in place that awards a pupil’s grade based on effort and attainment each half-term. Those who are performing particularly well are often recognised and celebrated for their efforts at school assemblies and formal events. But there is more to the process than you may assume. All students have to complete a self-reflection before and after the publication of grades to track and reflect on progress to date, teaching them to be introspective individuals. 

Christ College Brecon

Christ College Brecon not only emphases academic rigour, it also prioritises academic enrichment, particularly in leadership opportunities and academic clubs. Source: Christ College Brecon

Alongside its academic focus, the school prioritises academic enrichment, particularly in leadership opportunities and academic clubs. Despite being a small school, Christ College Brecon brims with possibilities for students to step up to be leaders and extend their learning experiences outside the classroom. 

Students can choose from various co-curricular clubs or societies that are suited to their individual talents in these departments – music, drama, outdoor education or sport. Among the clubs available are podcasting, languages, debating, politics and philosophy, as well as literature. Additionally, the respective directors of each club or society are experts at uncovering new potential and nurturing existing ones, giving them a safe space to explore. 

“I’ve loved debating for a long time. Through the opportunities presented by its frequent external competitions I feel that debating has given me a significant advantage in public speaking. Whether it’s an academic or real-life scenario, debating has helped me massively in winning arguments from any point of view in a really, really fun way.” 

For members of the Essay Society, each meeting is a challenge to think about concepts or philosophies they otherwise wouldn’t have considered, as well as to voice their opinions to a room full of senior peers and staff. “If I’m chosen to give a ‘paper’, the research I do is invaluable to expanding my general knowledge,” the student says. “The composing and reading of the ‘paper’ are an exceptional opportunity to improve my public speaking abilities.” 

Christ College Brecon believes that every child has a right to an education and the school strives to make education accessible to all. Hence, there are numerous academic scholarships available in a variety of disciplines – from all-rounder to art, music and science. Scholars will benefit from a tailored, bespoke programme that allows each individual to flourish and extend their engagement with the area of the curriculum they hold a particular talent in. 

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