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Unleash your potential with a Master’s in Information Technology from Charles Sturt University

Information technology (IT) is growing in importance in today’s digitally connected world. It is omnipresent, playing a central role across all business functions, for both small and large organisations. IT and its related fields have also become extensions of ourselves and our capabilities, further cementing its significance in our lives.

With technology poised to gather steam as the Fourth Industrial Revolution dawns upon us, more experts are needed to respond, adapt and evolve with the demands of the future.

For IT graduates, an advanced degree in this field can help carve a rewarding career across different industries.

Australia is among the world’s leading study abroad destinations, making it a promising destination for international students who aspire to advance in this highly in-demand field. Its quality education and standard of living can offer students an unbeatable study experience.

To boot, according to reports, 65 percent of Australia’s tech start-ups are based in New South Wales (NSW), making it highly attractive for aspiring IT professionals.

Charles Sturt University

Source: Charles Sturt University

The best place to study a Master’s in IT

International students who want the best in IT education should head to Charles Sturt University in NSW, Australia. The university is an established education provider with high quality teaching and small class sizes for students to learn in an intimate learning environment. Its beautiful Port Macquarie campus is located at Innes Lake, a mere 10 minutes from the closest beach and the Central Business District.

Port Macquarie’s diverse terrains also make it an incredible place to explore and sightsee the coastal region outside the classroom – it has a wide array of beaches, rainforests and wildlife, making it unsurprising why it was rated among the top visited destinations on the mid-north coast.

In addition to an unbeatable location, the university also holds high esteem globally. For instance, Charles Sturt University is well-known as the largest provider of postgraduate IT courses in Australia. It is globally recognised as the best university in Australia for graduate employment, ranking first in the Good Universities Guide 2019/2020. Their MIT programme is also fully accredited by the Australian Computer Society, which verifies that the university meets professional standards in terms of content, staff skills, teaching facilities and quality assurance.

Expert faculty in tune with industry demands

Charles Sturt University

Source: Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University is responding to the needs of the IT industry via its Master of Information Technology (MIT) (with specialisations) programme that equips students with advanced IT skills to engage with cutting-edge global technology solutions.

The programme is delivered by highly qualified academic staff who work in collaboration with global industry and academic leaders. Their teaching is backed by a research record focusing on applied research projects in emerging areas of cyber security, artificial intelligence, data mining, e-health, image processing, ICT security, applied mathematics and statistics that make a real difference to communities.

Students can choose from a range of specialisations in emerging areas, including networking, cyber security, programming and cloud computing. With the knowledge and practical skills on emerging tools and technologies gained through this programme, students are poised to hit the ground running upon graduation.

Graduate-ready IT professionals

The IT industry is never static; as such, students stand to embark on exciting careers that will continuously evolve and grow.

Charles Sturt University

Source: Charles Sturt University

Graduates of the MIT programme will be equipped with the essential skills to explore a variety of roles across a range of organisations. You’ll utilise your skills across networking, software designing, cloud computing and system analysis or go on to work as a network security specialist to protect the critical infrastructure of an organisation. The possibilities are endless.

So, whether you harbour interests of becoming a cyber security specialist, national security expert or data scientist, an MIT degree can act as a springboard to future career success.

Charles Sturt University also offers scholarships and grants to its students. Each scholarship is different; the university doesn’t only look for the brightest students academically, but also those with strong community service participation and personal motivations to succeed.

Another pull-factor for studying at the university’s Port Macquarie campus is its stellar facilities. Students will study at a modern campus with indoor and outdoor teaching spaces; their small classes allow students to interact easily with their lecturers and become lifelong friends with their peers.

Without a doubt, Charles Sturt University will serve as an unparalleled learning experience for aspiring IT professionals.

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