Challenges of a dynamic Business world

The business world has never been more accessible. Recent technology developments mean that the days of having to make huge investments, train a hefty team, rent office space and buy expensive equipment, are long gone. Now, all that’s needed to kick-start a corporation is an internet connection, some initial investment funds and an innovative idea that meets market needs.

Global internet access and a worldwide culture of connectivity has rewritten the rules of business. It is now no more difficult to sell your product to a company based on the other side of the world, than it is to sell it to your next-door neighbour.

Today’s global market is accessible through simply the unlocking swipe of a finger. One tap, click or scroll can connect you to millions of potential customers instantly. There are infinite benefits to this for entrepreneurs, but only if they can implement business strategies that harness this opportunity.

Gone are the days of having limited scope to sell your product. Now, any group you could possibly imagine are not only within your reach, but are waiting for the Next Big Thing to sweep them into a buying frenzy.

With more people pursuing enterprise with a reach that’s vastly expanded, the stakes of being an entrepreneur have never been so high. As well as the business world being more accessible, it’s also becoming more competitive. This means the corporate game is more driven than ever, and global markets mean the potential rewards are exponential.

Whilst the digital age has made it easier to become a successful entrepreneur, it’s those who are committed to investing in their future that will capitalise on this opportunity. By committing to a business degree, you will gain knowledge from business leaders that will prove invaluable in the ever-changing business landscape.

A business degree will prepare you for the dynamic world of 21st Century business. Whilst anyone can start a crowdfunding page to launch their ethical fashion brand, studying the subject at university level will instil an understanding of complex market forces.

As a business student, you will learn about business structures, management strategies and financial trends; see it as an investment of the knowledge tool-box that will propel you to the front of the business world.

There’s no telling what the future holds, but if tech trends continue, globalisation will spread to developing countries as it becomes cheaper to be digitally-connected. The only way to stay at the front of this race to profit is to be aware of the underlying theories that a business degree reveals.

If you want to be a business leader in today’s dynamic digital world, these 5 business schools will prepare you for the challenges ahead…


Ranked in the top 70 universities in the world by the QS World University Rankings, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers students a world-class education at a globally-connected institution.

Gies College of Business is committed to producing graduates who are prepared for the international business world. Here, 60 percent of students partake in a study abroad programme that allows them to experience Europe, South America and Asia.

The college also encourages students to gain real-world business experience through the world’s largest student consultancy initiative, allowing participants to put their academic work into real terms while preparing them for life beyond university.

Undergraduate students can choose from BSc Accountancy, BSc Finance, BSc Information Science, BSc Management, BSc Marketing, BSc Operations Management and BSc Supply Chain Management. Master’s students can choose from a range of programmes that include Accounting Science, Business Administration in International Management, and Science in Technology Management. Doctorate programmes are also offered in Accountancy, Business Administration and Finance.


Studying at Goizueta Business School means you’ll gain an education that fosters independent thinking and collaborative experience in the vibrant US city of Atlanta.

Through Goizueta IMPACT, students have the chance to work with real clients individually as well as part of a team to provide business advice and develop their problem-solving skills. Students are also encouraged to develop leadership skills through student societies, also cultivating management skills that are crucial to making it in the business world.

The school is also committed to preparing socially-responsible business leaders. This culture of ethical business instils graduates with a core skillset that helps shape a better future for everyone.

Students here can choose from a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degrees to develop their business knowledge and enter the entrepreneurial world equipped with a sense of social responsibility.


The Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota allows students to embrace business studies in a city that is ranked within the top five US cities for new college grads, on top of landing within the five most innovative cities in the US and among the top five US cities for female entrepreneurs.

Although the school is part of one the nation’s biggest universities, the Carlson School of Management boasts a tight-knit culture that encourages intellectual collaboration between students and academics. With an academic-to-student ratio of 16:1, students benefit from individual relationships with their academic professors.

Here, students can choose from 10 majors and 11 minors in the college including Accounting, Entrepreneurial Management, Public and Nonprofit Management, and Supply Chain and Operations Management.

The school produces business leaders instilled with a global perspective through a comprehensive study abroad programme. This allows students to study in Australia, Asia, Europe or the Americas, and allows them to develop international experience that proves invaluable in our globally-connected economy.


Established in 1876, Mays Business School offers the business leaders of tomorrow an education steeped in history. Over these years, the school has climbed the rankings to land among the top 20 schools for Entrepreneurship Studies.

The Centre for International Business Studies at Texas A&M allows students to embrace the global nature of the subject.

“The knowledge and tools I have acquired during this exchange will undoubtedly have a profound effect on both my personal and professional life. It is with this broadened perspective, gained both from the classroom as well as the immersing and experiencing aspects of living among different cultures for eight months, that I now move forward with my education, career, and life in general,” said Michael Miller, studying the BSc in Management.

Students at the university also have access to the Communications Lab, an innovative resource that trains students in business communications. These initiatives prepare students to dynamically respond to the challenges of the business world as well as provide them with a comprehensive education.


Located in New York City, Zicklin School of Business offers students the unique experience of a world-class business education in the global business hub of the US.

Undergraduate students have a huge choice of majors, including Accounting, Economics, Finance, International Business and Management. Students can also take minors from the Liberal Arts or Business.

“My experience at Zicklin was transformational; it was an invaluable education I continue to rely on in providing long-term business vision for one of the world’s most iconic brands,” said Alumni member Trevor Edwards.

Graduates are ideally placed in one of the nation’s thriving cities, meaning plentiful opportunities in some of the world’s biggest companies. This gives Zicklin School of Business a unique global culture that is focussed on producing students who are ready to help the business world progress.

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