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Cal Poly Pomona: A big hearted place for tomorrow’s agriculture professionals

For a transformative educational experience, head to Southern California, where Cal Poly Pomona is based. Ranked amongst the best in the US for affordability and third highest for economic impact, this university combines academic excellence, cultural diversity, a unique location, and endless opportunities for success.

A foundational component of the university’s identity and heritage is the Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture with a rich history of excellence and a focus on developing innovative answers to societal challenges through ethical and sustainable solutions. The college offers an array of applied science, technology and management degrees – each ensures a smooth transition from university to industry.

The Plant Science degree services California’s huge agricultural sector, giving students insight into future careers in horticulture, crop production, plant breeding, pest management, biotechnology, and environmental conservation. The Agribusiness & Food Industry Management degree trains students for careers in the agriculture, food and beverage sectors, including agricultural marketing and sales, supply chain and logistics, food retailing, and agricultural technology.

Students in the Agricultural Science degree prepare for a future as agricultural teachers agricultural policy advocates and researchers. The Animal Science degree gets students ready to join the veterinary medicine, animal and public health sectors. The degree in Animal Health Science equips students to become future veterinary technologists. The Apparel Merchandising and Management degree supports the California fashion sector, setting students up for careers in fashion design, production, marketing and retailing. The degree in Nutrition gives students a launchpad to succeed in the clinical health, community wellbeing, and food sectors, as well as academia. The degree in Food Science and Technology helps students chart a course towards jobs in product development, production, quality control and food safety in the food processing industry and for regulatory careers in the public sector. Huntley College graduates have also been successful in pursuing graduate degrees at prestigious universities.

Cal Poly Pomona

Southern California’s diverse climate and geography enhance the Plant Science programme at Cal Poly Pomona. Source: Cal Poly Pomona

All programmes in the Huntley College offer a stimulating experiential learning environment that promotes critical thinking, innovation, and practical application. Combined with small class sizes, this approach allows for personalised attention in support of students’ academic and personal growth. All programmes offer opportunities for conducting research, participating in internships and industry-sponsored competitions, and for engaging in experiential learning on the college’s farms, farm store and student-run fashion micro-business as well. This approach ensures students graduate not only with theoretical knowledge but also with the confidence and competence to tackle real-world challenges.

For example, several Cal Poly Pomona plant science students gained valuable experience in a pilot internship programme this summer while serving as nursery specialists to Home Depot customers in Southern California. A team comprising Food science and technology and Agribusiness and food industry management students received first place at the Southern California Institute of Food Technologists product development competition. Another Plant science student was part of the winning team in “Cultivate Tomorrow,” an innovative competition to promote cellular agriculture.

Programmes in the college are supported by a diverse array of facilities. These include urban and rural farms with organic certified acreage, citrus and avocado groves, vineyards, and coffee plantations. An animal farm raises cattle, sheep, pigs, and goats. A farm store sells much of the farm produce to the campus and local community, and also acts as a retail laboratory for Agribusiness and Food Industry Management majors. Additional facilities include controlled environment agriculture and aquaponics units, a vertical farm, veterinary clinic, food science laboratories, experimental kitchens, and a digitally integrated clothing design, printing and production laboratory.

Beyond the classroom, the Huntley College of Agriculture maintains close connections to industry and the professions to enable the professional development of students. These provide access to companies and career professionals through field trips and classroom speakers, conferences and career fairs. Students gain valuable insights into the latest trends, technologies, and best practices, as well as gain access to internships and career openings. Each department also maintains an advisory board of industry professionals that informs the development of its curriculum.

Cal Poly Pomona

Huntley College students can apply what they learn at the university’s orchards, greenhouses, vineyards, production and retail laboratories, and more. Source: Cal Poly Pomona

Studying agriculture in Southern California further unlocks more benefits unique to the region. Its outstanding beauty, diversity of cultures, climate and geography combine with its proximity to a vast array of agricultural, food and fashion employers. It’s easy to grow a network in this melting pot of languages, traditions, cuisines, and customs.

It is safe to say that Cal Poly Pomona’s Huntley College of Agriculture effortlessly provides students with a fertile ground for study. Click here to learn more about applications.

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