Business and Management at Regent’s: Producing the entrepreneurs who transcend our global economy

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“We know that a college degree is rapidly becoming the price of admission to the global economy.” Evan Byah

Recognised as the only independent, not-for-profit higher education provider in the heart of the UK capital, Regent’s University London boasts a highly modern and cosmopolitan community based in royal Regent’s Park.

Students who choose the Regent’s education can trust they’ll finish their degree as a different person from the one who first submitted their application. The Regent’s degree enables each student to flourish as a unique individual, hosting a diverse range of foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate and professional programmes that form confident, cultured and connected global graduates.

Business and Management at Regent’s is one of eight subject areas that form the Regent’s brand, offering a multicultural and dynamic environment that prepares students for a successful, global career. Through continuously updated programmes and a blend of formal academics with direct industry experience, the School delivers graduates who thrive within the field of global management.

“Our graduates go on to build successful international careers in a range of industries, as well as becoming entrepreneurs, starting their own companies, or returning to ensure the continuing success of family businesses,” the institution notes. “A higher than average number of our graduates move into graduate-level jobs, with starting salaries that compare very favourably with other UK universities.”

Regents’ Business and Management programmes – from Global Management, to International Events Management, to International Business, and beyond – are built upon the foundations of entrepreneurial and family business values. Through the provision of exciting, stimulating, and reflective learning experiences, Business and Management at Regent’s instils students with the essential real-world skills needed to respond to any business challenge, maximising their ability to become a successful international business leader or entrepreneur.

The University’s Global Management programme builds the foundations of four complementary business areas, including Enterprise and Innovation, Finance, Leadership and Management and Marketing. These programmes offer depth alongside flexibility, giving students the opportunity to explore various aspects of management that are relevant in today’s competitive workplace.

“I chose this programme because it offered a broad range of topics,” says Andy Dorman, former student of Regent’s Global Management programme. “My studies have given me good exposure to different cultures and working ethics and styles. The work experience has given me a great understanding of what is required to get an opportunity at a top-level professional firm,” he adds.

The institution’s International Events Management programme, on the other hand, expertly combines residential trips to events destinations, regular visits to high-profile national and international events and venues, specialist guest lectures, and full student engagement with a wide range of live events, to grant students access to a multi-billion-pound global industry.

Being holistic, professional, and respected, graduates of International Events Management at Regent’s are sought-after and well-known, landing outstanding employment opportunities with international event agencies and suppliers, convention centres, tourism organisations, multi-national corporates, sporting organisations, or through their own unique ventures.

But world-class programmes aren’t the only thing that drives Regent’s Business and Management graduates to the very top of their game…

Last year, more than 200 business students and professionals met at the inaugural Entrepreneurs Conference at the Regent’s Student Union. Under the theme Building Your Entrepreneurial Journey, the audience gained unparalleled industry insights from eminent speakers across a broad range of industries, including nutrition, technology, tourism and digital. This was a chance for budding business brains to hear stories of success, and highlights the School’s commitment to producing future leaders who reshape the business world.

According to the Family Firm Institute (FFI), family-run corporations account for two-thirds of all businesses worldwide. In 2015, the 20-largest family firms in the UK alone contributed a colossal £49 billion in revenue towards the nation’s economy, according to research by Family Business United (FBU). Studies across the past decade have shown that four million firms are family-controlled, and that family businesses in the UK account for around 25 percent of the country’s GDP and create at least 12 million jobs each year. They are described as the “bedrock of communities” and the “backbone of the UK economy”, and with its comprehensive business education, Regent’s is doing everything it can to help family corporations thrive around the globe.

Through a range of weekend workshops, and comprehensive lectures delivered by professionals with experience in the family-run business sector, Regent’s is teaching the second generation how to tackle daily business issues. Each workshop includes collaborative discussions with fellow families in business, delivering action plans, techniques, and an intimate learning environment where students learn how they can succeed. Regent’s understands that every family is unique, and seeks to provide an answer for each exclusive business challenge.

Image courtesy of Regent’s University London

With an approach to teaching and learning that’s intently focused on your personal development and needs, Regents’ leading faculty will support you as you grow. Programmes are specifically-designed to challenge and revise your views and perceptions – not only of business and management, but of human behaviour at large. Upon completion of your programme, your expertise will lead your business ideas to triumph, and you’ll become one of many Regent’s entrepreneurs who transcend our global economy.

As Regent’s itself states: “The University is a hive for innovative thinkers – students who want to learn in a supportive, personal environment and who enter the world of work as entrepreneurs and leaders who think and operate globally.”

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