Business is bringing sustainable change to global communities
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For many communities across the world, business acts as a bridge that connects consumers to their markets and attracts prosperity to their lives.

To keep these diverse economies flowing, societies must strategically strengthen their business models with sustainable business practices and keep a watchful eye on the financial, social, and environmental risks.

If these companies choose to neglect the need for a sustainable business approach, it’s likely that their company would not last long and thus, would fail to boost the welfare of surrounding communities.

As this is a crucial element to consider, it is also the duty of global academic institutions to implement the art of sustainability into their business degree frameworks. By inspiring young minds to create initiatives that will benefit future generations, there will be social and corporate stability for years to come.

One institution that is taking the subject of sustainability seriously is Monash Business School in Melbourne, Australia.

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Accredited among the top 1 percent of business schools worldwide and providing a global educational network for ambitious learners, Monash takes the talent of international students and pairs it with exciting opportunities.

Eager to invest in the current and future generations’ skill sets, Monash recently added a brand-new Masters of Global Business (MGB) to their extensive array of postgraduate courses. This multi-disciplinary degree helps students to create innovative solutions for social and business communities and to better understand the world in which we live.

If you’re interested in graduating with this distinguished Masters of Global Business, you’ll leave Monash as a confident and career-ready individual. By teaching you how adapt to your surrounding environment and practicing your learnings through industry internships/projects or with an overseas study, you’ll excel in the study of business strategy, diplomacy, trade policy, global trade law, and sustainability.

Monash also grants you the freedom to choose your electives based on your specific areas of interest. For instance, business finance, marketing, data analytics, sustainability and business, entrepreneurship and innovation, diplomacy/international relations or you can learn a new dialect via the Chinese, Spanish and Japanese Languages unit- the choice is yours!

By maintaining a positive and proactive involvement with global communities, Monash Business School takes social change into their own hands.

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As one of the university’s agents of change, the business school decided to address some of the world’s most complex challenges through their dynamic research platform, Impact. As the initiative showcases fascinating research and analysis, the business school is on a meaningful journey to reach sustainable solutions to pressing issues.

Last year, Impact investigated into the act of bribery and corruption levels in Latin America. By doing so, Monash Business School research demonstrated, “For the first time, the existence of a ‘contagion effect’ in relation to corruption, where the prevalence of bribery among officials in a country determines whether a citizen offers a bribe, rather than the risk of sanctions.”

According to Monash Business School Professor Klaus Abbink, who carried out the research with colleague Professor Lata Gangadharan, “Bribery is extremely hard to research in the field as no one wants to admit to taking or offering bribes.”

As Monash genuinely cares about global issues, they take their research to the next level. Therefore, the two researchers and their team developed an innovative laboratory experiment that would mimic a common bribery situation.

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After approval to use their experiment, they went to certain locations in Latin America that have a history of corruption. Once they returned and presented their findings of the ‘contagion effect’, they drew attention to the fact that financial corruption is still a major problem for many global communities and that change is needed.

With a balanced worldview, Monash Australia wants everyone to fulfil their personal and professional dreams, even though financial constraints may be caging those aspirations.

Therefore, there are incredible scholarships and grants available for international students. Monash Business School also offers limited $10,000 international study grants to South America residents. So, when applying for the Masters of Global Business course or any other of the business school’s study options, make sure to check your eligibility.

Alongside financial guidance, Monash also delivers valuable student services such as careers and graduate development support.

So, if you want to broaden your horizons and further your professional career with exceptional expertise, change your future prospects with Monash Business School.

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