Business studies are a passport to success
Source: Monash Business School Australia

No matter what level of study you’re at or where you want to go with your degree, a business qualification mixed with a can-do attitude is a recipe for success.

In the modern business world, the value of a postgraduate degree can’t be sniffed at. Countries on all corners of the world need business experts, a fact that’s unlikely to change. But with fierce competition to get into the best roles, those with more than just an undergraduate degree will find themselves elevated to the top of the list.

For students and professionals who already have a set career path and a business-related undergraduate degree, a postgraduate course helps narrow your area of interest and accelerate your career.

Whether you have such a passion for your subject that you simply have to keep exploring, or you harbour the desire to build on existing skills and develop new expertise to help you move up the career ladder, a postgraduate degree is the perfect option.

Source: Monash Business School Australia

A business degree can take you anywhere; think of it as your ‘career passport’ in more ways than one.  Business graduates are in high demand and globally desired within a multitude of job roles. It’s no surprise, therefore, that with a business degree also comes many a great opportunity to travel and work worldwide.

With a huge range of developed transferrable skills, almost any career path is open to business graduates. You won’t find yourself pigeonholed to one set role but instead will have the whole world open to you. Every single company on the planet, no matter where it is or what it specialises in, needs employees with a solid understanding of business, and you’ll find yourself suitable for a seemingly endless list of professions.

Monash Business School, part of Monash University, is one of Australia’s leading business schools, and is accredited among the top 1% of business schools worldwide. Triple-accredited (meaning it has been checked by three of the world’s top business education organisations) and globally connected, the school produces ambitious, career-ready graduates who go on to find their place in the business world and thrive.

The school consistently demonstrates excellence in core business disciplines, as shown by its strong results in the revered QS 2018 World University Rankings by Subject. Accounting and Finance rose three places in 2018 to become 23rd in the world. Business rose two places to 29, while Statistics currently ranks 37th and Economics 45th in the world.

Source: Monash Business School Australia

With programmes that meet the needs of both undergraduate and graduate students – many of them ranked highly – no matter where your business interests lie, you’re bound to discover it at Monash.

The Economics and Econometrics, Management and Banking and Finance courses are especially esteemed for postgraduate study, where students have the opportunity to learn from industry professionals, benefit from courses specifically-tailored to them and gain valuable experience through links to the business world.

There are a number of specialist programmes available so if you’re hoping to embark on a course such as Finance, Accounting or Actuarial Science, Monash will give you everything you need to make your career ambitions a reality.

Monash’s brand new Masters of Global Business is preparing graduates for the contemporary business world, ensuring they gain a comprehensive view of the political, social and economic factors that govern business processes. The multi-disciplinary programme is available to graduates who have experience in business but who wish to advance their knowledge and skills to be relevant worldwide.

If you feel you’re not there yet and are looking to make your first steps into the corporate realm, an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Business, Commerce or Marketing will be perfect for you depending on your personal interests. These courses are revered for their detailed and stimulating content, plus their dedicated faculty and reputation for preparing students for the working world or further study.

Source: Monash Business School Australia

You can even take a ‘double degree’ if you have two particular areas of interest, seek a more varied course structure or are still trying to decide which avenue you wish to venture down after graduation. Not only will this allow you to study two courses in less time than it would take you to study them separately, increasing the number of jobs open to you as a graduate while expanding your working knowledge of the business world, but you’ll also graduate with two world-class degrees.

Monash Business School offers an extensive Professional Development Program, on top of a vast selection of internships and industry projects that integrate business theory with industry practice.

There’s never been a more important time to further your business knowledge. As the modern world develops, business people are at the forefront of the change, adapting and modifying their approaches to follow suit.

There are few places as exciting for a modern business than Australia. The country’s business landscape is booming and ever-changing, filled with professionals ready to inspire and challenge.

The city of Melbourne, where Monash Business School is located, is a vibrant international study destination. It offers a much more affordable alternative to Sydney with a unique identity and strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Source: Monash Business School Australia

Melbourne isn’t just cheaper to live in but also more affordable when it comes to setting up a business. The city was even voted the most liveable city in the world for the seventh year running in 2017.

Melbourne is affordable, lively and full of promise for business people, but international students also find it a safe and welcoming environment.

The city’s population of four million means Melbourne is large enough to create waves in the business world, but small enough to grant you access to the right market for your business.

You have the whole of Australia to explore professionally, with Asia right on your doorstep if you wish to expand your business ventures further afield.

Monash grants students access to the prosperous business connections found in the city and neighbouring regions, helping students get a foot or two higher up in their careers.

To learn more about the opportunities available at Monash Business School, view the website here.

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