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Box Hill School: Raising forward-thinking, independent future leaders

At Box Hill School, education is holistic. As a founder member of “Round Square“, a worldwide association of schools on a mission to prepare students for life, the school is playing its role from London Road, Mickleham.

Its goals? To promote international understanding, democracy, care for the world around us, a sense of adventure, leadership and service — values that align with the International Baccalaureate (IB), the gold standard in getting students ready for university and beyond.

The IB provides a unique, challenging and diverse education — the kind that several studies say contributes to greater levels of critical thinking, interpersonal skills, perseverance, global-mindedness levels, as well as a variety of 21st-century skills.

At Box Hill School, the IB finds a perfect home. Here, in a campus nestled in an idyllic, picturesque countryside, students discover and thrive, all while under the supervision of dedicated house parents and personal tutors.

Outside the classroom, there is plenty of room for young learners to explore their passion, hobbies, and interests. Creatives can advance their talents through lessons in art, fashion and textiles, jazz, production, or even zen colouring. Those keen on satisfying their athletic interests can join various team and individual sports.

More adventures await beyond campus. Students can go on expeditions and exchange programmes, as well as take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award. With each activity, they learn to work together as a team, think beyond their boundaries and take pleasure in challenging themselves.

On any given day, Box Hill School students take part in a wide range of sports, creative arts, challenges, service, and outward-bound pursuits — the full spectrum of which lets children grow cognitively, spiritually, and socially.

Source: Box Hill School

At Box Hill School, students benefit not just from being close to nature, but from a wide selection of extracurricular activities. Source: Box Hill School

Success is often made with the support of family — and at Box Hill School, students have a large, happy family to cheer their every endeavour. Warm and exciting, this home away from home experience is unique and rewarding, as seen in every feat and every smile made on its grounds.

All of this makes it easy to see why Box Hill School students thrive academically. Most have found a place at well-known institutions in the country, such as Cardiff University, the University of Exeter, the University of Nottingham, the University College London, and many more, including international institutes.

To study here is to go on a journey filled with not just good grades, but the finding of identity, meaning, and purpose — as these students have discovered.


For Selina, who hails from China, Box Hill School was the “best place” to learn more about the British education system and culture — the stepping stone to realising her dream of building a career in the UK. Not only does the school have an expansive line-up of curricular activities, but it also offers two academically rigorous programmes: A Levels and the IB.

Mingling with new friends from around the globe, Selina spent her first month exploring new cultures and learning methods.

Asked about her favourite co-curricular activity, she shares: “Production definitely! Although [it] has been hard times in recent years – whether it’s pandemic or others – being able to perform on a stage as a character, going through their adventures and learning things from the story is always my dream.”


As a Swiss-French national, Anne initially struggled to speak fluent English. “As a person who loves speaking, it was hard at first to have the will to express something but not being able to express it the way you want,” she says.

It wasn’t long before she became better — thanks to the warm and friendly community here. Teachers were “extremely supportive,” which gave her the confidence to interact with her peers who were familiar with speaking English.

In between excursions to London during the weekend, she’s gained valuable skills. Asked to list the top three skills she’s gained here, she says, “Resilience, awareness and overcoming my fears.”

Source: Box Hill School

Box Hill School is a safe place for pupils to explore, learn, and grow. Source: Box Hill School


Before arriving at Box Hill School, Maximilian was worried if he could adapt to a new environment. “I was scared of not making any friends, finding it difficult to communicate and not understanding my teachers,” shares the student from Germany.

He soon found his fears unfounded. “On the day I arrived at school, and I met my roommate who was from Japan, we instantly got along with each other very well. He became my best friend here in school,” Maximilian says. “I was able to learn so much from the Japanese culture and I could also share a lot from the German culture with him. I am very happy that I met him, and we are planning that I will meet him in Japan at some point in the next year.”

By his first month, he met even more people from different cultures and backgrounds. Together with his new and good friends, they had a grand time at Box Hill School. “We explored London and the area around the school more,” he says “It was the most amazing time of my life.”

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