Boarding schools that foster a productive learning environment
Source: The Fessenden School

There are many reasons why parents choose to send their children to boarding school, and it’s not because they want to send their child away, a popular misconception.

After experiencing the boarding school structure, parents see marked changes in their child’s behavior, and an improvement in their academic performance.

This is enough to curb the initial worries most parents face when it comes to boarding school education, such as having to leave their children in the hands of others.

According to Independent School Parent, children who attend boarding schools at an early age get a jump start in life, not just in terms of academics but also for building character.

Students who attend boarding school at an early age benefit the most as they’re exposed to a whole new environment at the start of their education, instilling an adaptability that pays off throughout life.

One of the most impactful qualities most boarding school students learn is independence. Children often push boundaries and strive to act much older than they are, which can be a challenge for many parents.

Parents often struggle with being either ‘good cop’ or ‘bad cop’ – it’s hard to find a balance in between. This is where the boarding school structure comes in, giving students a sense of independence while maintaining 24-hour supervision.

As such, boarding school students are considered mature, independent and self-reliant, especially compared to children who leave home at age 18.

Source: Trinity-Pawling School

There has been much debate and research over whether children are receiving a well-rounded education, packed with the perfect weighting of extracurricular activities and academics.

At junior boarding schools, parents don’t need to worry about signing their children up for extracurricular classes or getting them involved in sports and the arts. The school itself takes care of such matters.

There are many activities to keep students busy in their free time, allowing them to explore their talents and areas of interest.

Plus, the close relationship between students and teachers means boarding school communities feel much closer and more connected. In these inspiring settings, teachers offer more than just academic support, easing the pressures on young children who spend long periods of time away from their families.

Not only do they deliver world-class teaching, they continue to mentor students outside the classroom on the playing fields, in the dorms and on their weekend trips and activities.. This strengthens their relationship and makes students feel that teachers are approachable and accessible, which in turn improves academic performance and their willingness to learn.

The development of strong social skills is another reason to choose a boarding school, challenging them to interact with strangers and new people from the start while taking them out of their comfort zone, which builds their self-esteem and hones their self-confidence. These are important qualities for adult life that also prepares them for real-world work environments.

All these reasons, and so many more, come together to make junior boarding schools a really great choice for parents thinking about sending their children to boarding school, and their children will reap the benefits earlier in life.

Whether or not you choose to continue with boarding school after Grade 9, your child will already be well-adjusted and confident, making the transition to teenage life or adulthood as seamless as can be.

Here are a few outstanding all-boy boarding schools in the US that offer junior boarding, equipping students with the skills they need to become well-rounded, mature and confident individuals.


Located just minutes from historic Boston MA, Fessenden is the oldest and most prestigious US boarding school for boys ages 11-15 in the US.

Source: The Fessenden School

The school emphasizes academics, character education, and the pursuit of passions. It provides a nurturing environment that allows boys to develop the skills, independence and self-esteem needed to thrive in the multicultural, technology-driven world they are poised to inherit.

Fessenden embraces a student-centered, teacher-supported approach that promotes interactive exchange over direct instruction, collaboration over competition, and learning for life over learning for school. It is both project- and passion-based, because when a boy taps into a deep-rooted interest, he’s more invested in the process.

The Fessenden boarding experience is specifically-designed to provide the academic, social, and emotional support boys need during the critical pre-teen/teen years. With a 2:1 student to adult ratio, Fessenden students experience the individualised mentorship and close supervision they need to successfully navigate their path to young adulthood.

During the week, boys work hard in the classroom and play hard on the sports fields, but weekends are reserved for fun with friends and faculty. With 20-25 different activities offered each weekend, it is no wonder that Fessenden’s weekend programme is considered one the best in the country.

Fessenden attracts students from across the US and around the globe. Boys thrive in this diverse, inclusive and nurturing community and leave with the critical skills, self-confidence, and worldview needed to succeed in secondary school and beyond.

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Designed to get the best out of young boys, The Kiski School nurtures the natural qualities of curiosity, creativity and confidence.

The focus at The Kiski School is on the liberal arts and sciences, but the curriculum offers a diverse choice, catering to each boy’s individual talents and interests.  Faculty members facilitate engaging classes and personalized one-on-one tutoring in the evenings to accommodate different learning styles.

Students at the school learn and develop skills through small class sizes, hands-on projects, sports, dorm living and community activities.

Sports are largely encouraged here, as every boy gets to participate in at least one sport every season, and the school boasts one of the finest high school baseball fields in the country, a nine-hole golf course, and miles of beautiful cross-country trails.


Source: Trinity-Pawling School

This all-boys’ school situated 60-miles from New York City is well-established, founded in 1907.

Here, faculty provide engaging opportunities that spark students’ curiosity and cultivate the mind, body and spirit. Graduates of Trinity Pawling leave with greater confidence in their academic, athletic, artistic and leadership skills.

The school strives to educate and instill a value system that prepares young men to be contributing members of society amidst the challenges of an ever-changing world, based on values like integrity, community and tradition.

On Saturdays, students take a break from classes and athletic commitments, with dynamic and engaging enrichment programs, additional experiential learning and fun activities.

Each Saturday is different so students can experience a wide range of activities, such as hiking on the Appalachian Trail, health and wellness workshops, and leadership and service learning opportunities.


Having been established in 1789, this boarding school near Washington DC is the oldest Catholic boarding and day school for young men in Grade 9 to 12 in America, and the nation’s only Jesuit boarding school.

Georgetown Prep aims to form men of faith, competence, conscience, courage and compassion. There are several clubs that students can get into to hone their skills and talents, such as Arrupe Society, Art and Design Club, The Best Buddies Club, Neuroscience Club, Chess Club, Ping Pong Club, College Football Club, and more.

Source: Georgetown Preparatory School

There’s even an on-campus recording studio where members of the community can write, track, produce and engineer their own original recording sessions with industry professionals in a state-of-the art facility.

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