Boarding schools in the US
Source: New Hampton School

Every year, more and more families decide to invest in an American boarding school education. Why? These schools are known to provide an ideal environment for students to flourish in a rich culture of learning, collaboration, athletics, arts and overall mental stimulation. The best part of a safe, connected residential campus is that this engagement takes place 24/7. Diversity is another common plus. Boarders often live and learn alongside peers from a variety of cultures –– an exposure that nurtures appreciation and respect for different perspectives.

These residential campuses are also well-reputed in inspiring academic, and ultimately, professional success. Equipped with a college campus feel, they instill excellence by providing rigorous curriculums that contribute to higher education success. Studies reveal that 78% of boarding school students feel they were prepared for college versus only 28% of public school students. Half of these students achieve advanced degrees, compared to 21% of public school students. What’s more, these teachings are often conducted in small classrooms, making it easier for students to interact with their educators and benefit from individualised support.

Convinced? Here’s a closer look at four boarding schools in the US with a proven track record in preparing students to meet 21st century demands:

George School

Set on 240 acres of expansive lawns and beautiful wooded hillsides in Newton, Pennsylvania, George School offers far more than just picturesque surroundings. A global school with local roots, this Quaker, co-educational boarding and day school invites students from all walks of life to partake in a rigorous education, while enjoying an all-American environment. Over 500 students, in grades nine through 12, are already here and thriving in the most authentic way possible –– 29% are international, representing 42 countries, and 44% are domestic students of colour. 

Boarding schools in the US

Source: George School

Pioneering, comprehensive, and customisable — these three words define the school’s approach to learning. Here, students chart their own path, enabled by Course Planning, which meets the needs of every passion, interest, and goal. George School is the first in the US to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme — today, it boasts a 95% completion rate, one of the world’s highest. It also offers over 20 Advanced Placement courses

Combining this preparation, and an exceptional team of college counsellors, often lead to outstanding results. Every senior student secures placement, some secure several. They progress to institutions like Brown University, Columbia University, Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, McGill University and many more. 

George School has years of experience when it comes to producing impressive student outcomes. Historic? Yes. Traditional? Far from it. Here, authenticity comes first alongside key Quaker values: simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and service. This is how a George School education builds character. Service learning by helping those in need is a requirement. Students can choose between taking part in a local project, forming their own or tagging along for a service trip domestically or abroad in countries such as Vietnam and Cuba. Regardless of who you are or who you wish to become, at George School, you might change your own life by enriching someone else’s. Learn more here.

New Hampton School

Set on 340 stunning acres in the village of New Hampton, nestled in the foothills of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, 325 students are working towards not only successful, but fulfilling futures. New Hampton School is a co-educational, college-preparatoryinstitution home to 12 residential houses, state-of-the-art classrooms and science laboratories, three computer labs, a research centre, a newly renovated library, studios for every art, a recently updated athletics complex, and an endless mountain area for outdoor exploration — but what truly sets it apart is its community.

Boarding schools in the US

Source: New Hampton School

The New Hampton School community is inclusive, open, and happy. Opportunities and support are numerous — every student is comfortable to be themselves and try new things. They can join interscholastic teams such as alpine skiing, baseball, cross country, equestrian, field hockey and more. The creatives can take several courses available in the visual, digital, and performing arts including comedic improv, environmental art, animation, graphic design, and contemporary performance –– just to name a few.

The signature New Hampton School approach to education is an extension of the school’s mission and aims. Here, students can build their class schedule around their interests. The fully-customisable Foundations of Learning curriculum shapes dynamic students by providing the necessary rigour and support for each student with offerings in the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, and Academic Support.

When you combine an environment that inspires wellness with a personalised curriculum and a supportive faculty –– the result is excellent student outcomes. New Hampton’s senior class of over 100 enjoy an impressive success rate, matriculating to more than 85 different colleges and universities. To join a school that offers experiential education, student-led groups and clubs; promotes nobility with service learning; and encourages diversity, equality and inclusion with a vibrant community, learn more about New Hampton School now.

Stoneleigh-Burnham School

At Stoneleigh-Burnham School, young girls are en route to paths of discovery and confidence. Here, they are thought to think independently, act ethically and ensure their voices are heard. Ultimately, the SBS community is one that fosters international perspective. 

Boarding schools in the US

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Founded in 1869, the school is multinational, currently home to young women from over 15 states in the US and over a dozen countries around the world, and counting. It is the first all-girls boarding school in New England to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme –– a route proven to be successful with the school boasting a 100% college acceptance rate. With the help of college counselling and both SAT and ACT prep courses, graduates have gone on to world-renowned universities such as Boston University, Cornell University, New York University and Princeton University –– amongst many others. 

SBS is also the only school in the US to offer the British Horse Society (BHS) Certification Programme, recognised in 32 countries. Its extensive lineup of extra-curricular activities include a world-class Debate and Public Speaking Society programme, 10 varsity teams, 16  athletic choices, 12 student clubs and organisations and 10 performing groups. 

Worcester Academy

Located in Massachusetts, Worcester Academy (WA) is home to 594 middle and upper school students — 35% of whom are five-day and seven-day boarders — where each one learns in a thriving and diverse community, set on 71-acres of land. Here, 20 countries are represented, with 20% of students identifying as underrepresented minorities. International students have been welcomed warmly for over 175 years. 

Boarding schools in the US

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The WA campus has four residential dormitories –– two for boys, two for girls –– each with a common gathering space to keep students engaged outside the classroom. There is no better place for international students to find their footing in the US, with many opportunities to improve written and oral English skills.

Across all levels, the core areas of study include communication skills, creative and critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, collaboration, cultural competency and global connection. Seniors get a headstart for their next academic step with the academy’s unique postgraduate programme –– where a traditional Grade 12 curriculum, alongside a focus, sets them on the right path –– be it through stronger grades, athletic growth or better grasp on US culture. 

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