BIMM Institute Berlin: Where dynamic, career-ready Film and Music graduates are made
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BIMM Institute Berlin: Where dynamic, career-ready Film and Music graduates are made

For creative individuals, Berlin is a paradise. The city is experimental, innovative, liberating and alive. It not only houses a vast network of artists, labels, venues and media outlets, but it is also home to prolific film and music industries. This is where legends are made – from David Bowie, Brian Eno and Iggy Pop, to Nick Cave, U2 and Peggy Gou, many call this musical metropolis home. Inspiration is everywhere – in Berlin, these icons rub shoulders with the top producers, film distributors, streaming portals and VFX companies from all over the world, including the famous Studio Babelsberg.

BIMM Institute Berlin sits at the centre of this dynamic collaboration. As the hub of creative education in Europe, BIMM believes in nurturing individuality and empowering students to develop their own artistic vision within the context of the wider creative sector. 

Here, degree programmes cover all aspects of the music and film industries, with acting, and film business and production courses set to arrive in 2023. Its Sound and Vision industry-led courses span music production, performance, songwriting, music business and filmmaking.

Whichever programme you choose, you’ll be connected to the industry you are looking to join. BIMM has over 30 years’ experience in the arts sector – not only does BIMM know how fast things evolve, but also how to equip students with the knowledge and skills to be industry-ready. You’ll hit the ground running – with confidence.

Unique collaborative opportunities

Great music and films have a long and rich history together. BIMM students will benefit greatly from a range of unique collaborative opportunities across both disciplines. “There is a huge number of opportunities for those two cohorts of students to work together,” says Alex Hobden, College Principal of BIMM Institute Berlin’s Screen and Film Faculty. “In the first year, the music video module brings together film students and music students to collaboratively work to create music videos.”

BIMM offers unlimited opportunities to gain real-world experiences, explore your passion and hone your skills. Whether you spend your time on stage, on screen or behind the scenes, courses here ensure you will gain the know-how that is continuously aligned with what the industry needs.

By being surrounded by an exemplary group of creative students and professionals alike, you’ll expand your creative network. By working with your peers from other courses to create music videos, you’ll experience the power of multidisciplinary collaboration. By getting involved with mixed media projects, you’ll work across genres and media.

That’s not all. You’ll compose music for film, diving into the world of film scoring and hearing your work on screen. You’ll film and edit live music performances too, using your live performances as an opportunity to stretch your skills and build a portfolio of projects.

BIMM Institute Berlin

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These courses are led by highly experienced and respected lecturers who cross creative boundaries. Their impressive accolades are only matched by their passion for their work and the support they have for their students. BIMM students get essential insider tips and exclusive knowledge that they won’t find anywhere else. “Their teaching perspective comes from being very passionate about filmmaking and wanting to teach the next generation of filmmakers,” explains Leon Springer, a screen and film school graduate. 

Pair this with BIMM’s ongoing industry engagement, and students are set for success – 86% of graduates are in work six months after graduation and 82% of BIMM alumni are employed in professional/graduate jobs (BIMM Graduate Survey 2017/18).

The best part? As you evolve to join Berlin’s community of creatives, you’ll be making memories with friends from over 60 nationalities. “As an artist, I am able to collaborate with many artists and talented individuals, which helps me to grow and to become better at my craft,” says student Esther Eden.