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Completing one of the best online MBA in US can boost your entrepreneurial career. Source: Josep Lago/AFP

When it comes to taking up an MBA, the location of the university can make all the difference.

An MBA from a top US university will impress employers a whole lot more than one from an unknown institution.

With technology more advanced than ever, your location is slowly becoming irrelevant as more US universities offer online versions of the popular postgraduate degree.

According to MBA Central, an online MBA is perfect for business managers with at least two years experience who want to take their career to the next level.

On top of that, those with prior business qualifications “may be able to waive multiple credit hours of foundational courses which saves time and money”.

To help you decide on the best online MBA in the US, we’ve compiled the top three from MBA Central’s 30 Best Online MBA Degree Programmes list.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business

For this institution’s online MBA, you can choose to focus on Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics, International Business, Marketing, or Finance.

The programme is widely recognised for the quality of its degree and stellar support services. Though students typically take three years to complete this online MBA, you can choose to do an accelerated programme in one and a half years. This will be hectic, but lighter on your pocket.

However, this quality comes at a price – over US$30,000 in total tuition fees every year, according to MBA Central.

Broadwell College of Business and Economics (CBE) at Fayetteville State University

One of the best online MBAs in the US, Broadwell’s online MBA offers numerous specialisations, namely Entrepreneurship, Business, Finance, International Business, Healthcare Management, Management, Project Management, and Marketing with graduate certificates in Business, Cybersecurity Management, Business, Project Management, and Healthcare Management.

It is the most affordable online MBA on the list. Students here pay just over US$7,000 for tuition.

But don’t confuse this for a compromise in quality. This online MBA programme is recognised for its wide-ranging value across industries.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide College of Business

This institution leads the way with its online MBA in Aviation, which places emphasis on various aspects of business management, information technology and aviation administration.

At the end of the programme, students will undergo a business capstone course. The total cost? US$20,000 in total tuition.

Boasting the best support services in the US, this programme is tailored for those embarking on “fruitful career in aviation and aerospace business leadership”.

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