Benefits of studying at Saint John’s Prep

If you’re looking to send your child to an extraordinary learning institution, you need look no further than Saint John’s Prep School. Located in the close-knit community of Collegeville, Saint John’s Prep provides a safe learning environment for young men and women to responsibly grow into bright, educated individuals. Five key factors set Saint John’s Prep apart from other boarding schools, helping shape its students’ academic and professional goals while encouraging them to pursue their aspirations.

  1. Academic Excellence

With a 6th Grade Middle School program, Middle School 7 & 8 program and an Upper School program – there’s a developmentally appropriate curriculum for everyone at Saint John’s Prep. Here, a comprehensive syllabus equips learners with essential leadership and communication skills, allowing them to steadily develop into successful students.

As well as being determined to learn, students are expected to be intellectually curious. By participating in classroom discussions and asking questions, your children are far more likely to understand curriculum topics and concepts. At Saint John’s Prep, teachers respect and treat students as individuals, recognizing that each and every student has potential to learn and positively contribute to the classroom.

By combining an rigorous curriculum with an engaging educational environment, students are inspired to think big and excel. With an expectation that students achieve the level of academic success they are capable of achieving, it should not be a surprise to see that 100 percent of Saint John’s Prep students are accepted to colleges and universities around the world.

  1. College Connection

Saint John’s Prep shares a campus with Saint John’s University.  This unique relationship provides students with access to university amenities, including dining services and recreational facilities.  In addition, students have the opportunity to take college courses at the University, gaining college credit for their effort.

Set on a lush 2,700-acre campus, Saint John’s Prep students have unlimited access to an outdoor paradise. Throughout the year, students can enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, cross-country skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, swimming, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, and even ice-fishing!

By connecting students to nature, students have the opportunity to experience a fulfilling and healthy learning environment.  In addition to the recreational opportunities available to students, there are a number of organized student activities and athletic teams that students can participate on.

  1. IB School

Another key benefit of studying at Saint John’s Prep is that it is a recognized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. Through the IB Diploma Programme, students have the unique option to enroll in this dynamic two-year program.

The IB programme offers many benefits, including the university application process.  As Debra Von Bargen, an IB parent and Assistant Dean of Admission at Standford University explains, “Highly-selective universities place a great deal of emphasis on any course that’s taken in a high school. They want to see that the student has achieved a level of academic work and understands multiple disciplines. That’s why the IB is so effective; due to its breadth, it has the ability to pull many subjects together.”


Saint John’s Prep has a proud history, spanning more than 160 years.  The foundation upon which Saint John’s Prep sits is the value of community.  Students, faculty, staff, administrators, parents, alumni/ae come together to build bonds that last forever.  Students encourage and support one another in their individual pursuits and embrace one another in time of hardship.  The intentionally small school community allows students to actively engage in the life of the school and develop a strong sense of self while nurturing an understanding of what it means to live in community.

At Saint John’s Prep, students are supported by their peers and develop the confidence needed to pursue their academic and professional goals.

  1. International Student Program

Primarily designed for international students to experience an extraordinary US study adventure, the Saint John’s Prep International Student Program has 50+ years of commitment to hosting students from around the globe.

With approximately 25 percent of St. John’s Prep uppers school populations consisting of international students, there’s a great sense of cultural appreciation throughout the school. With English language support services (ESOL) and an International Student Advisor to help students navigate their journey through Saint John’s Prep, learners never feel overwhelmed, lost or alone. In addition, parents have access to their son or daughter’s academic progress via an online portal.  Parents are always welcome to visit or schedule an online chat.

It’s the valuable staff support that Saint John’s Prep graduate, Seanan from Hong Kong, particularly admired, “This school is a great place for students to develop themselves and prepare for college and beyond. Each student is treated as an individual…[and the] faculty are well trained and prepared for their positions, [while] the extracurricular programs let students explore their interests in a friendly environment.”

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