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Bellerbys College: A foundation programme for university success

Few students progress to university well equipped to tackle the academic rigours of undergraduate life, but that’s not a problem Bellerbys College students have. Drawing on its six decades of experience in education, Bellerbys has built itself an unrivalled reputation amongst the UK’s finest universities, and its students are reaping the rewards.

Here, every international student has a shot at academic excellence thanks to Bellerbys Foundation Programme — an expert-led university preparation course for international students vying for an education and life in the UK. It is a vibrant alternative to the A Level, while students also benefit from guaranteed and conditional progression to a growing list of university progression partners, several of which are ranked in the top 25 of UK universities.

Students can choose from 11 subject pathways, including Art and Design; Business, Finance and Management; Chemical Engineering; Computing; Engineering; Marketing; International Relations and Politics; Law; Media; Social Sciences; and Science and Pharmacy.

The programme is all-encompassing. From day one, Academic English Skills (AES) are built into timetables. This enables students to develop the necessary language skills needed to communicate effectively at a UK university. In itself, the AES is a qualification accepted by some 70 institutions. Students will not need to undergo additional testing to prove their English language proficiency.

Alongside communication skills, when students are not doing a deep dive into their subjects of choice, they deliver presentations, write essays, and most importantly, build lifelong connections with peers from across the globe. A suite of extracurricular activities are also open for participation, allowing students to gain new skills, stand out in the UCAS application, build their CVs, and develop lifelong passions.

Bellerbys College

The Foundation pathway guarantees offers from a number of respected universities in the UK. Source: Bellerbys College

Echoing this is Kateryna Loievska, who studied Biomedical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London. “They have a lot of enrichment activities at Bellerbys. For example, the lung dissection or the heart dissection, which are practical activities in the labs. These help to widen your horizons and to learn more about the course you would like to attend at university,” says the Science and Pharmacy Foundation alumna.

Students also have opportunities to attend university lectures and speak with lecturers who work there, helping them to widen their horizons about their chosen field. “I have enjoyed the enrichment because I like doing practical work more than lectures as they can give you the opportunity to experience the course you are doing,” explains Loievska.

Meanwhile, Teeraya Pariyakanok from Thailand is among the students who have benefitted from Bellerbys’ strong partnership with leading British universities. The Chemical Engineering Foundation alumna from Thailand shares, “Bellerbys helped me adjust to the UK a lot easier and more seamlessly.” She is now studying Petroleum Engineering at the University of Leeds.

Your springboard for success at top UK universities

Bellerbys’ Foundation programme guarantees conditional offers to students from some of the UK’s best universities, including the University of Bristol, Coventry University, Leeds Arts University, Royal Holloway University of London, the University of Surrey, the University of Sussex, and the University of Westminster. It doesn’t end there.

The College also offers conditional letters of progression to the University of Bath, University of Birmingham, Durham University, the University of Exeter, Lancaster University, and Loughborough University. These partnerships are testament to Bellerbys’ commitment to its students’ success.

Among the students who have benefitted from Bellerbys’ well-rounded package that leads to outstanding outcomes include Barbara Goncalves Velado from Portugal. The Engineering Foundation graduate shares: “Bellerbys are really preparing us to go to university. For example, we know how to write an essay that the university will ask us and we know how to reference it.”

The Engineering Business Management graduate from the University of Warwick adds, “I think that if I didn’t have this, I would go to university, and I wouldn’t understand a thing. I really think that Bellerbys is preparing us to excel in university here in the UK.” Similarly, Vincent Bamigboye also built on his Engineering Foundation with a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Surrey.

Bellerbys College

The Prepare for Success programme ensures every incoming student is ready for their Bellerbys journey. Source: Bellerbys College

Enhancing students’ career readiness

 Any international student would feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting anew in the UK. This is why Bellerbys offers the Prepare for Success programme — a four-week, 100-hour, virtual preparation course that introduces students to study structures, academic skills, enrichment activities, and personal learning outcomes.

“The most useful for developing my confidence was the ‘Living in the UK’ topic,” enthuses Ananda Zuraenee from Indonesia. “I learned essential things I needed to know before I arrived in the UK, such as how to open a bank account, after school activities, and even some British slang words.”

Once students arrive in the UK, the preparation continues to ensure they take their next academic step with confidence. This includes exploring their options, UCAS applications, personal statements, to reviewing acceptance letters — no student is left to fend for themselves.

Bellerbys also helps students choose the right degree that aligns with their professional goals. Their career guides ensure students know where their chosen degrees can take them by providing insights on what certain jobs entail, what skills are needed, what salaries they can expect, and more.

Students can also test the waters of a career field of their choice through a virtual internship at no extra cost. This enables them to build their CV and gain real-world work experience from a range of prestigious employers while they complete their studies.

To further develop their employability skills, there is also a free Job Ready service to teach students valuable skills, including how to write a compelling CV, tackle job interviews confidently, and improve students’ ability to secure a job while they study.

To apply for Bellerbys College’s Foundation programme, click here.

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