Take your first step to your future at Bellerbys College
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Take your first step to your future at Bellerbys College

At Bellerbys College, you choose — be it the programme, campus, enrichment and careers preparation or university.

Bellerbys College’s Foundation programme is an excellent pathway to fully prepare international students for undergraduate studies and life in the UK. Numerous options are available to personalise this journey according to individual goals and needs. “Our tutors told us to not just look at the ranking and academics but also take into consideration the city and whether or not we like it,” shares Chemical Engineering Foundation student Teeraya Pariyakanok from Thailand. “Bellerbys helped me adjust to the UK a lot easier and more seamlessly.” Pariyakanok is now studying Petroleum Engineering at the University of Leeds — facilitated by her Foundation programme at Bellerbys.

The Bellerbys Foundation programme is an expert-led university preparation for international students. It is an alternative to A Level, preparing international students for university study with a choice of 11 subject pathways including Art and Design; Business, Finance and Management; Chemical Engineering; Computing; Engineering and more. It spans one year and is accredited by Lancaster University.

Here, students gain access to a focused discipline stream, flexible study options, personalised study advice, social activities and the opportunity to join a diverse community of inspiring, like-minded students. They develop their academic and English skills, while exploring subjects that prepare them for their future undergraduate course.

“It’s better to go to a general college where they teach you the basics first and then progress to university,” shares Pariyakanok. “What I learnt in Bellerbys, the academic side, I got to use at university and I just felt really good because it was something that I actually learnt.”

Taught by specialist tutors and complemented by strong social and pastoral support, it empowers Bellerbys students to move from high school to university with confidence. In the past five years, 947 Foundation students have progressed to a Russell Group university and 969 students have gained admission to a top 20 UK university.

Bellerbys Foundation programme is widely recognised and trusted by more than 100 universities — including over 40 of the top 50 UK universities. Upon successful completion of the Foundation programme, students are guaranteed a direct pathway to partner universities, as well as a letter of conditional progression from a number of others.

These include universities ranked in the top 20 of UK universities such as the University of Bath, University of Bristol, University of Birmingham, Durham University, University of Exeter, Lancaster University, and Loughborough University.

At Bellerbys College, it’s just as much about the journey as it is about the destination. Graduates leave with more than just the know-how and experience to thrive in university, but memories to last a lifetime too.

The college brings students together from across the world — it is 100% international. Moving abroad can be overwhelming, which is why Bellerbys supports pupils in a variety of ways to ensure they are happy and grow in confidence. From dealing with relocation to learning new languages and adapting to a different way of learning, Bellerbys offers expert support every step of the way.

“The college support system is excellent. You have a listening team to talk to about your problems. Within my first week, I felt like Bellerbys was my new home,” shares Olivia Pricilia  from Indonesia, who is now studying Mathematics and Statistics at Exeter College, University of Oxford.

The wellbeing and safety of all pupils is paramount here. All staff take great care and pride in getting to know each pupil as an individual, and in respecting them for the unique qualities they bring to the community.

That’s not all. Bellerbys students receive comprehensive preparation to get into their dream universities. For students who need guidance in selecting the best university and degree programme, personal tutors are available. They strive to bring forth the unique strengths, learning styles and needs of every student in their university application.

From start to finish, students are ensured the dedicated support of the college’s experts in the university application process. They provide advice on how to research and find the right university that matches each pupil’s passions and ambitions. Once they have narrowed their choices, teachers and staff proceed to help with personal statements, navigate UCAS, advise on entry requirements as well as guide the reviewing and accepting of offers.

“I applied for uni through UCAS and for our personal statements, we would have sessions once a week where the tutors will give us advice on it and guide us,” Pariyakanok shares.

From school to university and career, a Bellerbys education is set to open up many opportunities. To learn more about the extraordinary preparation Bellerbys College provides, click here.

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