Barack Obama tears up after sending Malia off to college
Malia and Barack Obama. Source: Wikimedia Commons

It felt like “open heart surgery”.

That was how one of the most powerful men described sending his eldest daughter off to college.

Malia Obama, the first daughter of the 44th President of the United States, starts at Harvard University this fall. Washington Post reported Barack Obama sending off Malia to college as a “rough” experience.

“I was proud I did not cry in front of her,” Obama said of Malia during a speech at a fundraiser.

“But on the way back, the Secret Service was looking straight ahead, pretending they weren’t hearing me.”

Late August, USA Today College reported Malia had moved into her Harvard dorm with little fanfare and a little help from her parents.

Her arrival on the Cambridge, Massachusetts, campus then followed a gap year spent as an intern in the film industry and a summer vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.

At the fundraiser, the former President added:

“And it’s a reminder that, at the end of our lives, whatever else we accomplished, the things we’ll remember are the joys that our children — and hopefully, way later, our grandchildren — will miss. Holding their hands, swinging them on a swing, listening to them talk about what happened at school.”

“Simple stuff. But ultimately that’s what matters.”

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