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Bangkok Prep: Helping children flourish to be global citizens

Christina Edwards and her three children have been abroad for a decade. Although thousands of miles away from where they used to be, Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School (Bangkok Prep) quickly felt like home.

“As soon as I walked on campus, it felt like a small enough community,” she says. “Big enough for my children to grow in, but small enough for me to feel a connection with the teachers, all of the staff, and other parents and the children.”

At Bangkok Prep, students between the ages of three to 18 years old learn in a welcoming and diverse community where the highest quality of teaching is ensured and there is constant student-parent engagement. With attentive teachers who understand the needs of children, parents will find themselves in constant conversation with their child’s teachers to learn more about their progress in the classroom.

Pair this with a holistic and authentic approach to education, and Bangkok Prep students have all they need to prepare for life and reach their full potential. Here, all children receive the support to flourish and capitalise on their strengths to become global citizens.

Bangkok Prep

Source: Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School

Bangkok Prep is the only international school in the Sukhumvit CBD to offer the British curriculum on one campus from Early Years Foundation Stage through to A Levels (three to 18 years old). Classes are small, promoting personalised learning. More importantly, they allow children to tap into undiscovered passions, new subjects and potential pathways to university.

At Bangkok Prep, children learn from the best. Teachers are qualified and hired through a robust and selective recruitment process that attracts the best candidates. These are the professionals who are not only experienced in the delivery of the National Curriculum of England, but also bring together students, teachers and parents together into a dynamic community. Learning is collaborative; the environment is safe and enjoyable.

These features let the school’s enriched curriculum shine. No matter their age, each child understands and masters the values of innovation, sustainability, creativity and health.

“The quality of learning at Bangkok Prep is clearly a strength of the school,” the CIS Accreditation Board. “The curriculum planning in particular was very strong. Parents and students were both very complimentary about the teaching, and in particular, how supportive teachers had been during the extended period of home-based learning imposed by COVID-19 and all the additional challenges that this created.”

Bangkok Prep

Bangkok Prep is a well-established international school in Thailand — PREParing for life from ages three to 18 years. Source: Bangkok Prep

Developing globally minded, passionate learners starts as soon as the Early Years Foundation Stage. Young children here get to enjoy and explore in an approach that develops learning through play. They hone concepts, skills, learning strategies and positive attitudes across the intellectual, social and physical areas of learning.

And they get to do in a school within a school. There’s a dedicated entrance and play area so the school’s youngest learners are not overwhelmed by the expansive campus. Full access to other world-class facilities — such as a sports hall, a swimming pool, a football pitch, a library, computer labs — are available too.

From Year One to Year Six, the UK curriculum follows a thematic approach. They are expected to find answers to their questions in both an independent and collaborative manner. Teachers highly encourage active learning among students rather than simply observing or listening. Such profound and exciting learning experiences help children cultivate their interests and talents while still striving for the highest possible standard in all subject areas.

Secondary Education at Bangkok Prep consists of three key stages that continue developing students at every stage of their learning journey: Key Stage 3 (Years Seven to Nine), Key Stage 4 (Years 10 to 11) and Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form).

Their syllabus builds on the English National Curriculum adapted to embrace the rich culture and diversity of Thailand and South East Asia. As they move from Key Stage 3 to the next, expectations and workload increase but so does support. These ensure students do well in the International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE), A Levels and/or the Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) qualification. BTEC, ideal for any student who prefers more practical-based learning, provides students with valuable industry experience while they learn.

Bangkok Prep

Source: Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School

What makes Bangkok Prep stand out is its range of pathways offered. They are incredibly comprehensive compared to competitors. Both highly academic A Level, as well as the BTEC career-focused pathways, are provided. Those who achieve good grades at A Level have the option of gaining advanced credit at universities overseas as well, particularly in the US.

Whether in or out of the classroom, Bangkok Prep students enjoy a full and happy life. From 2017, they can say that it’s a sustainable one too. Bangkok Prep is the first international school in Thailand to achieve Eco-School’s highest status — the Green Flag Award. Last year, it achieved a second round accreditation of the award — a testament to its commitment to sustainable management, combined with a strong sense of community support and engagement.

To further strengthen Bangkok Prep’s sustainability ethos, the school has recently launched its very own Forest Campus in Bangkok’s Green Lung area (Bang Krachao). This is the first Forest Campus in Thailand with a designated learning centre for outdoor education and sustainability. Students from all year groups are able to visit and engage in outdoor activities.

Its Forest Campus allows students to have the opportunity to develop themselves in an inquisitive manner and have a positive relationship with the natural world, equipping learners with emotional and social skills that can stay with them into later life. The Forest Campus is also open to Bangkok Prep families at weekends.

Looking for a dynamic education that will benefit your child as they go through school and life? Bangkok Prep is the school to be.

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