Bangkok Patana School: A holistic education for global citizens
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Bangkok Patana School: A holistic education for global citizens

“In today’s rapidly changing and challenging world we believe it to be the school’s primary task to foster in its community a life-long love of learning and a sense of responsible citizenship.” Matthew G. Mills, Head of Bangkok Patana School

In an uncertain world, the only true constant is change. Technology is advancing so quickly it’s difficult to keep pace; the power dynamics of global relations are in such a constant state of flux it’s hard to predict what will come next; and no one can accurately envision the global job market 20 years from now.

For parents who want the best for their children, this is a daunting prospect. How do you even begin to choose the best education for a world you simply can’t predict?

The key is to get started right away – you don’t want to wait for your child to hit adolescence before deciding the next best step in their educational journey.

Next, when considering the ideal school, always look at the path to university. Acceptance to a world-leading higher education provider can serve as a springboard for success throughout their adult lives.

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The elite of academia guide and inspire students as they venture into adulthood, encouraging them to grow into a unique individual while they explore their potential as contemporary innovators and influencers.

To do this, students must go beyond traditional classroom walls to seek an ‘out-of-the-box’ education; one elevated and enriched by community activities, creative endeavours and global perspectives.

As society progresses at an unprecedented rate, education must adapt to give future generations the best shot at being truly happy. And since most of the world’s leading universities are based in the UK or US, a British-based education prepares your child for admittance to the world’s most progressive higher learning institutions.

Bangkok Patana School offers both these things and more.

As the oldest international school in Thailand and one Asia’s leading schools, Bangkok Patana promises a refined academic experience, allowing your child to thrive both in and outside of the classroom as they develop a passion for lifelong learning and taste the wonder of global citizenship.

Source: Bangkok Patana School

Offering a renowned British curriculum – known for being both intensive and well-rounded – and the International Baccalaureate (IB) – a world-respected qualification for learners aged 16-18 – graduates of this school leave readily-equipped to thrive on all corners of the globe.

The Bangkok Patana education is rigorous and dynamic, with the broad range of subjects explored within the IB and the integrated extra-curricular programme opening diverse future avenues. This produces talented, adventurous learners with the gumption to continue until they reach their goals.

Alongside the comprehensive British curriculum, enhancement activities introduce your child to the vibrant world beyond their textbooks. Every week, 400 sessions are offered, including community service projects that nurture an inherent sense of social and global responsibility.

One-week residentials take students to stunning destinations in Thailand, experiencing first-hand the historical, cultural and physical application of their studies in a previously unknown environment.

On top of reinforcing classroom learning, this urges them to consider the wider world and their place within it, challenging them to think in new ways that will drive them through adult life.

Source: Bangkok Patana School

Back on campus, students of all levels get involved in a range of sports programmes through the soon-to-be five specialist academies: dance and drama, tennis, football, gymnastics and swimming. Here, learners test their capabilities under the caring watch of expert coaches. Teams frequently compete against other schools, igniting within them a healthy sense of sportsmanship and good fun.

These extra-curricular opportunities inspire self-belief, determination and skills unique to your child. It allows them to define a sense of self and gain versatile expertise that allow them to roll with societal progression long after education.

And it’s a structure that works: 108 university offers for the Class of 2018 came from institutions featured in Times Higher Education’s global top 50. In fact, one student received an incredible five offers, all from Ivy League schools, earned for their research and Ted X talk on disappearing ethnic languages.

“Yale has been thrilled to admit and matriculate many Patana students over the years,” states a representative from Yale Admissions Office.

Source: Bangkok Patana School

“We seek not only those students with top-notch academic credentials, but those students who demonstrate real intellectual curiosity, social and emotional intelligence, compassion for others, and a sense of motivation and drive.”

As a Bangkok Patana graduate, your child will demonstrate spirit and zeal, gaining an edge over those with academic ability but a lack of holistic development. All the while, the international community fostered at the school empowers seamless integration at university-level, helping them thrive in the social community while earning their degree.

More than just an education, Bangkok Patana School instils a deep sense of belonging and understanding, encouraging students to break through their horizons and embrace a thrillingly complex world.

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