Asia’s leading international schools that provide a holistic education
Source: Jerudong International School

“The purpose of education should not to be to fill you with knowledge, but education should make you hungry for knowledge” – Debasish Mridha

Choosing which school to send your child to is never easy – you want them to receive the best academic development, pastoral care and give them the chance to explore their unique passions.

Finding a school that combines rigorous curricula with an integrated extra-curricular programme, on top of valuing your child as an individual learner with their own strengths and interests, can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

As a parent, you want to know your child is being cared for as much as you care for them, knowing they will receive the support they need to grow into a confident adult, ready to take on the world. Of course, education is about instilling your child with the academic basis to go onto higher education and a successful career, but it also provides the blueprint for a happy adult life.

Source: Stamford American International School

Alongside academic development, a child’s early education should grant them a roadmap for being a good person, teaching them the worth of kindness and co-operation in communities, as well as how to be a confident and disciplined individual.

International schools are progressively providing this holistic education through the unique opportunity to nurture every aspect of a child’s development. With students from all around the world often living at the school, they offer an immersive experience where all children learn, play and live together.

Beyond the classroom, international schools encourage students to continue learning on the sports field, in the art room, in the great outdoors and within themselves. Viewing education as the dynamic process of becoming the best person you can be, they understand that potential extends way beyond school academics.

From team sports teaching children the value of teamwork, cooperation and healthy competition, to drama, dance and art enabling students explore creative expression and build their innovative awareness, children are opened to a wealth of life-shaping experiences.

Source: Bangkok Patana School

Lessons learnt at international schools will continue to inspire students well beyond their childhoods, as they grow into lifelong learners with a strong sense of community and global responsibility.

After growing up around diverse nationalities, languages and cultures, they’ll leave equipped with an international perspective and a love for broadening their minds both academically, creatively and socially.

If you want your child to be nurtured in every aspect of their education, consider these international schools providing well-rounded, holistic educations…


Bangkok Patana School is the oldest and largest British international school in Thailand, providing an exceptional, British-style education for children aged two to 18-years-old. The school provides a range of experiences beyond the classroom setting, developing the rigour and perseverance students need to succeed.

Children in the primary school are instilled with a love for learning, curiosity and creativity, providing the ideal blueprint to progress at secondary school level. The secondary school is committed to preparing students for university in the UK or other higher education hotspots, powered by a combination of an English-based curriculum until Year 11, plus the International Baccalaureate Diploma students complete in their last two years.

Source: Bangkok Patana School

Alongside academic studies, all children engage with a varied curriculum of activities to develop self-confidence and pursue their passions from a young age, regardless of skill level or time commitments.

The school has three specialty academies offering focused training in gymnastics, tennis and swimming, with two new academies in Dance/Drama and Football launching in January 2019.  These are part of over 400 extra-curricular activities offered every week in creative fields, sports, languages, ICT, leadership and community service.

With its philosophy of developing all areas of a child’s mind, the school ensures a broad range of experiences to ensure your child has the chance to acquire the independence, creativity and critical thinking needed for a changing world.


As one of the leading international schools, with over 70 nationalities represented, Stamford American International School offers a truly personalised learning experience for your child, enabling them to follow their ambitions and fulfil their potential both in the classroom and beyond.

A uniquely inclusive school, Stamford American offers the best of both worlds in the academic sphere through the renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) combined with the Advanced Placement (AP) courses for students from 18-months-old to 18-years-old, with over 40 IB courses and 19 AP courses to choose from.

Source: Stamford American International School

Pre-university testing is carried out from Grade 10 to prepare students for admissions into leading universities worldwide, whilst college counsellors work hand in hand with students to realise their university dreams. Stamford believes that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, so every student is coached towards a successful academic outcome which is individually right for them.

The school nurtures its global culture through the World Language Program, offering 3 of the world’s most spoken languages – Mandarin, Spanish and English. Daily Mandarin or Spanish is taught from 18-months-old, while the Bilingual Mandarin/English Program is offered from 3-years-old. To enhance English language proficiency, the school also offers the English as an Additional Language (EAL) Programme from 5-years-old to 16-years-old.

Combining innovative teaching and learning facilities, Stamford campuses offer a plethora of facilities; three swimming pools, two indoor sports arenas, one indoor sports field, a 500-seat professional theatre and rock-climbing walls. The Innovation Centre is a great space for students to enhance their creative and innovative minds with emerging technologies such as 3D printers, robots, electronics and textiles or fashion facilities.

Stamford welcomes new students all year round. Have a chat with their friendly Admissions team and take a tour around its inspirational campuses.


Committed to providing a holistic education that prioritises well-rounded growth, Jerudong International School encourages students to participate in the extra-curricular programme and fully integrate into the school’s esteem-building culture.

Source: Jerudong International School

Alongside participation, leadership and integration, Jerudong International School promotes thinking skills, language skills and active engagement as a central part of a holistic education. The school understands a strictly academic education is not enough to prepare students for a successful, happy life.

Sports take centre stage at the school in the brand-new sports complex opened last year. Allowing learners to embrace healthy competition, teamwork and find their active passion, the complex enables students to practice their favourite sports come rain or shine. Playing host to two large indoor multipurpose courts, an indoor running lane, 25m swimming pool and a fitness suite, children can develop their physical and mental strength no matter where their passions lie.

The school also has an Islamic focus for Muslim students, with Malay Muslim students taking Ugama studies while at the school. The subject is taught by teachers from the Department of Islamic studies at the Ministry of Religious Affairs, so your children rest assured that your children will be in knowledgeable hands.


Authorised as an International Baccalaureate World School, the International School on Nanshan Shenzhen (ISNS) offers your child a leading academic framework which prepares them to overcome challenges, understand their role as a global citizen and harness their talents to make a difference for all age groups.

Source: International School of Nanshan Shenzhen

ISNS is committed to producing students who not only exceed academically, but also have a sense of responsibility for their environment and society, respect individuals and different cultures and take pride in everything they do.

The new state-of-the-art campus in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen, China, allows students to fulfil their potential in every area through making use of the 300-seat auditorium, fully equipped science labs, art and music centres for dance and instrumental performances, and separate libraries for the early years and main school buildings. Children can also develop their leadership skills and physical wellbeing on the 200-meter outdoor running track, the soccer field, fitness centre, spacious indoor gymnasium and the multi-purpose outdoor court.

“At ISNS children are given the opportunity to become great masters in whatever field they choose.  We aim to develop leaders in addition to learners.  Students are challenged to think deeply, be creative and explore with minds open,” said Mr. David Swanson, the Head of School.

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