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“I would highly recommend the Master of Global Business if you enjoy learning about international trade and business. If you want to become a professional who plays an important role in a company’s international operations, then this is the programme for you.” – Shayne Pal, Master of Global Business, AUT

With international enrolments soaring in 2016, New Zealand is now known as one of the globe’s hottest study-abroad destinations.

This is a region recently named the most dazzling country you must see before you die, and globally-known institutions such as Auckland University of Technology (AUT) are driving this success. Auckland – the nation’s largest urban settlement – is an academic treasure in itself, drawing more than 80,000 foreign-born students in 2016 alone.

The city is booming in business and technology innovation, recognised as a burgeoning powerhouse within the global sector. With a campus neatly nestled in the city’s thriving CBD, AUT is well set as a hive for the ambitious ‘technopreneur’ and the world’s top corporate talent, drawn by the promise of a first-class education in a flourishing business setting.

Students looking to pursue a placement overseas receive outstanding support from AIESEC New Zealand – a platform that connects influential industry figures with the most capable business students. The organisation provides a network for developing leadership skills, and supports students with the logistics involved in finding the overseas placements most suited to them and their ambition.

Throughout the project, students receive guidance from a workplace supervisor and an experienced academic from AUT. Students are urged start searching for a placement from the first day, with the school itself hosting helpful information sessions, on top of valuable networking events where potential employers from an extensive range of industries can connect with students, and ensure all AUT business participants are given the best chance to succeed.

“I love the smaller, interactive classes,” says Tiffany Campbell, Master of Professional Accounting student at AUT.

“I find it a more engaging and helpful learning environment than large lecture theatres, and it has helped me achieve excellent grades,” she adds. “I also like the way the classrooms are designed, with round tables to encourage interaction as opposed to classic lecture theatres. I’m planning to apply for graduate accounting positions and work my way towards becoming a chartered accountant.”

As an advocate of rigorous, relevant and engaged education, AUT’s Faculty of Business, Economics and Law empowers graduates with the force of critical thinking and raw creative talent. Below are some of the most popular and exclusive specialisations on offer at the AUT Faculty of Business, Economics and Law:

AUT provides an accounting education enriched with workplace learning and co-operative experience, rather than merely training students in accounting.

This is a boundary-spanning discipline that relates to how information and communication technologies can be harnessed to improve business processes and bolster company value.

AUT’s Design major introduces the principles and practice of design thinking – from customer/user research, insight development, creativity, ‘hands-on’ design for services and experiences, to the application of design in effective management processes.

The Economics major produces graduates who are well-versed in strategic analysis, pricing policies, company organisation and structure, equipped with a competitive advantage and a knack for innovation.

This programme is centred on the creation of new products, services, technologies and businesses, instilling students with desirable skills such as creativity and professionalism.

AUT’s Finance course prepares you for financial management duties in large multinational firms or entrepreneurial ventures, also awarding the Chartered Financial Analyst designation – a sanction that is internationally respected.

This course allows students to explore ways in which employees, employers, governments and trade unions shape people’s experience of work and the outcomes drawn from professional activities.

Business is a sector that crosses global borders; it is fast-paced, dynamic and universal at the most fundamental level. As part of this reputed programme, you will study overseas for a semester or complete your workplace experience abroad, making this course the ultimate foundation for anyone hoping to pursue a career in global business.

The Management major provides you with the skills needed to successfully manage projects, instigate change, motivate people and influence behaviour.

Here, you will explore the psychology and behaviour of consumers, businesses and organisations through marketing, advertising, retailing and sales projects that showcase your new-found expertise.

This course teaches the relevant global frameworks, policies and regulatory mechanisms related to sustainability.

In an increasingly connected and rapidly-evolving business world, mastering the business basics is simply not enough. Now, employers seek candidates with detailed and specialised knowledge of the market intricacies and business operations. Entrepreneurs must demonstrate their ability to analyse economic conditions and manage a diverse network of staff across national borders.

“The applied nature of the degree provides me with knowledge and skills I can apply immediately to a working setting,” says Tom Heywood, Master of Applied Finance student.

“The programme has proven stimulating and enhanced my interest in finance,” he adds. “Being able to challenge myself has been one of the highlights of my studies. I have enjoyed pushing the limits and pursuing objectives beyond what is expected. I have enjoyed learning in such a relaxed and progressive environment.”

The contemporary employer values the fresh, innovative thinking contributed by qualified AUT graduates, with many presenting full-time employment contracts long before they graduate. The applicable expertise and global perspectives gained from the AUT business experience all form part of the school’s reputation for producing some of the world’s most employable graduates.

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